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Moving from California to Texas

Moving from California to Texas

Many people say that once you get used to sunny weather, you can never go back. It may not always be the case, but the warmth certainly has a pull on us. That said, not all the warmer states are the same.

At first glance, California and Texas may seem a bit similar. Both get hot, both have deserts. Dig a little deeper though, and the differences start piling up. From culture to geography, from foods to climate, both states have something unique for you to experience. So much so that moving from one state to the other may shock you beyond what you may have expected.

Today we will take a look at the lesser-known things about California and Texas. We are going to see what makes each of them so fascinating, and why you may consider moving from the former to the latter. Buckle up!

Diverse California

The Golden State has always been a huge part of pop culture. Because of that, a lot of folks think they know all about it. In reality, though, most have only heard about Los Angeles, San Francisco, and the famous Silicon Valley. But California is so much more than that.

Did you know that Colorado is not the only state that amazes with its scenery? Cali can be equally stunning, although in a different way. If you enjoy the outdoors, a trip through a redwood park will take your breath away. And it is not just about the giant trees – you can literally feel the magnificence of nature there.

On top of that, the state is not homogenous either. Its northern parts can differ quite a lot from its famous LA culture in the South. NorCal, as they call it, is considered to be foodie heaven for the health-minded. What SoCal lacks in healthy food though, it makes up for in beaches. Of course, you can find some great beaches along the northern coast too, but not quite as many.

There are plenty of other notable differences between the northern and southern parts of California. Here are a few:

  • Weather – If you do not want to be hot throughout the year and prefer your weather a bit more varied, NorCal will win you over. It is just as humid, but the sun takes a break on a regular basis.
  • Culture – Though both Northern and Southern California are riding the waves of modernity, they are doing it in different ways. SoCal with LA is obviously famous for its artsy scene; where NorCal steals the tech scene. That said, the difference is not staggering and you can be a successful techy anywhere!
  • City scene – For the fans of architecture San Francisco runs the show. However, Los Angeles has its own charm that many art-minded people love.
  • Nature – The gloomier weather of the north supports a rather interesting nature up in NorCal. With redwood forests, amazing bays, and Napa Valley, you will be awestruck. Then again, SoCal has amazing sand dunes, and if deserts are your thing, you can find them there.

If you are looking for similarities though, there is one thing you will notice throughout the Golden State – vintage vehicles. California is in love with classic cars. Many car collectors live there, and seeing such vehicles driven around is quite common.

Okay, that is enough praise for California. Let us take a look at Texas and see how it differs from the Golden State!

What Texas holds over California

Pop culture has made California seem very exciting, while Texas does not exactly get the spotlight. However, as it turns out moving out of Cali is a common occurrence. At the same time, Texas is growing in population. Why is that?

Of course, one single reason can never be given. As with many other things though, financial reasons are likely the main driver behind it all. Living in Texas can often be cheaper, and running a business there is a bit easier. But even if these are your main reasons to go there, the state has a lot more going for it.

In a traditional Southern spirit, you can expect tons of great food there. Naturally, it would be on the unhealthy side compared to NorCal, but the taste… you cannot match that! Not to mention that you can enjoy excellent Mexican dishes throughout the state.

In addition, you get a different climate too. Sure, it gets hot in the summer, but Texas also gets winters, springs, and falls. Though with that come storms as you would never see in Cali. It is up to you to decide if the varied weather with all its pros and cons is worth the transition. We should note that even though the climate is different, you still get great beaches along the Gulf of Mexico.

Is moving from California to Texas a hard transition?

One of the major things about Texas is the lack of variety in the outdoors. If you are a nature person, this transition can be quite staggering. California offers mountains you can climb and forests you can explore, while Texas offers… fields. The notable exception here is the Texas Hill Country, which holds great views and treks. Sadly, it is a fairly small portion of Texas, so if you do not move near it, you may not even see it.

If you are a city dweller though, you will likely find both places equally welcoming. Of course, Austin and Dallas are not the same as Los Angeles and San Francisco, but big cities are more alike than they are different. If you are not deeply involved in the Californian culture scene (especially around LA), the big Texan cities will not disappoint you. For instance, many folks from LA choose Houston as their new home.

Of course, it all depends on your mindset. Take it as an adventure and do not be afraid to go out of your comfort zone. You may end up enjoying things you have not considered beforehand.

Another great piece of advice is to reduce your stress prior to moving. Relocation is already stressful enough for you to pile more on top of it. So find a way to relax, take a mental break and go from there. For example, when you move, you may opt for car shipping from California to Texas instead of driving the car there yourself. That way you will not arrive exhausted and frustrated from all the time spent on the road. It is always much better to tackle the new city with a positive frame of mind.

Are you ready to move to Texas?

Even though there are plenty of differences between both states, they are still part of the USA. You will not be facing a serious culture shock and you may find out that you do not feel that different after all.

What is the one thing about California that you would miss wholeheartedly? And what about Texas are you looking forward to the most? For example, I would go all around the place tasting the food. I cannot help myself!

Whatever the case is for you though, do not forget that here at Corsia Logistics we can always give you a hand with car shipping. That way your move from California to Texas will be smoother and you will have one less thing to worry about. So if you need us, just give us a call!

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