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How do you ship an expensive car?

How do you ship an expensive car?

Here you will learn the most important about shipping an expensive car. For instance, you will understand what type of auto transport carrier is suitable. We will also cover the question of insurance.

The auto transport world consists of two main types of carriers – open and enclosed. The two-level trucks loaded with several cars are the open type. Such carriers are the most common and an excellent choice for shipping any vehicle. However, they do not suit a luxury or classic automobile. Such cars require additional protection.

How do you ship an expensive car?

To ship any type of automobile that costs $50,000 or more, it is recommended to book a specialized enclosed carrier.

Enclosed carriers offer protection against dirt, road debris, and the whim of the elements. In other words – your car will arrive in the same pristine condition as when it was picked up.

Enclosed transport can further be divided in the following categories:

  • Single-car or two-car carrier – This type of transport is perfect if you do not want your car to share a trailer with other vehicles. Plus, it usually has a lot shorter waiting time. That makes it very convenient for many clients, though it is also more expensive.
  • Multi-car enclosed carrier – With this service, you can get a great balance between protection and cost. Nevertheless, you may have to wait a bit longer to schedule such carrier for your route, and for the carrier to be fully booked and on its way.

Both options are a great choice depending on your situation. If you want timely, white-glove service, no matter the cost, you should choose a single-car carrier. With that said, you can also cut down on the waiting time for our regular multi-car enclosed transport.

We offer expedited car shipping for clients who have a tighter schedule. Express delivery means the carrier will prioritize your vehicle for the selected route. Should you need more details, please call or chat with us online.

Is my vehicle insured when shipping it?

Yes, your vehicle is fully insured while being transported. We work with select number of reputable carriers who are required to have a valid insurance policy. Insurance does not cost extra. However, items stored inside the car are not covered by that insurance. That brings us to our final note.

How do you prepare an expensive car for shipping

To begin, we advise all our clients to remove all personal belongings from their vehicles prior to shipping. Make sure there are no dangling accessories either. Any freely moving items may end up causing damage to the interior of your car.

Next, have your vehicle cleaned inside and out so that the truck driver can inspect it properly. You will sign a bill of lading, noting the condition, in which the vehicle has been handed prior to shipping.

Corsia Logistics team will be happy to assist you now. We ship sports, luxury, and classic automobiles daily. Read our customer reviews online and request a quick quote online or call now. Thank you!

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