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Why should I take my car with me when moving?

Why should I take my car with me when moving?

Moving to another state or across the country? In addition to your belongings and furniture, moving your car is something to carefully consider. If you are relocating to a state where public transportation is not efficient and where you may have to commute frequently, a car can be a time-saver. How to proceed about moving with a car, though? What are your best options? This article will go over some of the pros and cons of taking your car with you as well as guide you through the best practices of car shipping.

Should I sell my car or move with it?

When deciding what to do with your car when moving, you have two main options. You can either bring it with you to your new destination or sell your used car and buy a new vehicle. The latter option is usually the most expensive, as new cars are not getting any cheaper.

And if you decide to explore a used car market, you may spend less, but you will still need to invest time and effort. Locating a car that checks off all your boxes as well as finding a reliable car seller may prove a tedious experience.

All in all, you will need to do some research and math to figure out what makes better sense in your situation.

Should I ship my car or drive it?

However, if you decide not to let go of your existing car, below are some main considerations as you decide upon shipping or driving it to your new home.

Cost advantages

If you are moving over a short distance of around 300 miles, then driving a car can cost you less than shipping it. However, for long distances such as moving from Michigan to California, then shipping your car will cost you less.

Driving your car across the country not only will incur gas and car maintenance expenses, but also lodging as you will need to sleep and rest on the way. Thus, on average, shipping your car will be more cost advantageous for you.

The cost of shipping a car also varies, as it depends on factors such as distance, vehicle model and condition, type of carrier and service, as well as supply and demand.

As you discuss your vehicle shipping needs with a logistics expert, keep in mind that planning in advance may help you avoid some costs and get a good quote.

Time advantages

Except for the time needed to search for a reliable shipping company and the time to ensure your car is ready for transport, shipping your car will give you peace of mind and time flexibility. Moreover, if you use the door-to-door service, you won’t even need to drive to a faraway pick-up location. All you will need to do is book your plane ticket and relax.

Whereas, if you drive your car, sometimes it may take days to get to your new destination. To that, add all the exhaustion from the countless hours on the road.

Safer option

It is quite clear that there are higher safety risks when you embark on a cross-country road trip, especially as fatigue catches up.

Unnecessary additional mileage can significantly lower your vehicle’s value. Moreover, the more you drive your car, the sooner you may need to replace certain parts, which can also be costly.

Therefore, shipping your car with a professional auto transporter is a safer option for both – you and your car. While on a shipping carrier, your vehicle will be protected from wear and tear and other potential road hazards.

How do I ship my car to another state?

1. Choose the destination and time of moving.
2. Research car shipping companies online, check reviews, request car shipping quotes.
3. Choose the car shipping company, the service, and the carrier type.
4. Prepare your car for shipping.
5. Arrange for car pick up and relax as your car gets safe and sound to its destination.

At Corsia Logistics, we know that moving to a new state is not an easy task. However, we believe that moving with a car doesn’t have to add stress to the relocation experience. We bring years of expertise to the table to ensure the safe and efficient delivery of your vehicle.

Browse our website for more car shipping information or get in touch with our vehicle relocation experts and request your free, no-obligation custom quote.

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