Why should I choose enclosed auto transport?

November 5, 2019
Ina Gjika
why choose enclosed auto transport

When you are moving to another city or state, you may need to bring your vehicle with you. After some research, you have decided that shipping your car is the best option. Now you may be facing another dilemma: Which type of car transport to choose? Should you choose an open carrier or an enclosed one? This post will give you practical advice about when and why you should choose an enclosed auto transport.

When and why to choose enclosed auto transport?

First things first: let us see what exactly an enclosed auto transport is. The enclosed car shipping involves an enclosed carrier trailer that shields vehicles from road and weather elements. Your car would be placed in an enclosed truck that transports very few cars at a time, usually up to five. But also, if you prefer, you can inquire about a single-vehicle carrier trailer, as long as you do not mind the slightly higher cost.

How does distance affect car transport carrier choice?

Here’s the rule of thumb: the longer the distance from your destination is, the better option the enclosed transport becomes. This is because the enclosed carrier offers higher protection from external conditions, such as dust, road debris, and the inclement weather effects. The longer your car will be on the road, the more exposed it will be to these conditions. Therefore, an enclosed carrier will provide better safety for your vehicle while in transit.

For example, let us compare shipping a car from New York to Boston to shipping a vehicle from New York to Los Angeles. In the first case, the distance would be roughly 225 miles; whereas in the second – 2,790 miles. Comparing the two, the latter would be the perfect example for when an enclosed carrier is advised. This advice can practically be extended to any type of car shipping from the East Coast to the West Coast and vice versa.

How does weather affect car transport carrier choice?

You may be transporting your vehicle a short distance. Yet, imagine it is winter, and the weather gets rainy, windy, and snowy. The enclosed carrier would definitely be like a great shield protecting your car from any potentially damaging weather effects. At the moment of delivery, you will get to see your car dry and clean, as if it never witnessed the winter season.

Does road condition matter for choosing enclosed auto transport?

Sometimes the car shipping distance is short, and the weather is perfect. Yet, difficult terrain and road conditions may be a challenge. For example, if your shipping route involves the highway between Phoenix and California, the enclosed carrier may be your best bet to ensure the safety of your vehicle.

Knowing beforehand the quality and infrastructure of the road is not always trivial, especially if you have never driven through it. Thus, we suggest that you do a small research in advance, to see if there are any potentially dangerous road bumps or turns. If the latter is the case, do not worry. The enclosed trailer will shield your vehicle and the carrier driver will make sure to safely deliver it to its destination.

How to ship expensive vehicles?

It is always good to check the conditions of the transportation route, but there is also one very important element that can highly influence your choice of the shipping method. That element is nothing more and nothing less than the car itself. Is it a regular type of car? Is it a classic vehicle? Or is it a sports car?

If you are a car enthusiast like us, you definitely treat your car as an investment that is worth protecting. If your car is especially valuable, you may even want a single-vehicle enclosed carrier, to make sure that the quality of your special investment is preserved.

Why is enclosed auto transport convenient?

Last but not least, one major reason why you may choose the enclosed auto transport is your peace of mind. What does that mean? Auto transport is a service designed to come to your assistance anytime you need to move your car to its destination. This is something you will realize when choosing a car shipping company. Ultimately, you want to have a peace of mind about your car arriving safely to its destination. For the very same reason, you may choose the enclosed type of shipping, despite any other criteria.

All in all, choosing the perfect type of shipping is not difficult. Security and peace of mind definitely are good reasons to go for the enclosed carrier. We, at Corsia Logistics, understand that your car is valuable to you. Our knowledgeable vehicle relocation experts are ready to help you select options that fit your auto transport needs best.

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