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Auto transport in the winter season

Auto transport in the winter season

Winter could be a tricky season if you are not prepared. Whether you are driving, walking or skiing, being prepared is the key to make sure it goes well. Winter is the coldest season with temperatures often dropping below zero and snow and ice storms accompanying that. During the winter months schools are on winter break and children keep warm inside, less people are on the streets and opposite to that we drive more.

We drive more because we are cold and we don’t wish to walk in the bitter weather. One activity keeps many out daily though – shoveling snow. This is not fun and there is no app for that. You just have to get out and pick up that shovel. If you are a winter sports fan, then you have more reasons to be out and be active and all of a sudden winter becomes fun.

Now, let’s go back to driving. What happens in the winter on the roads? As mentioned, the temperatures drop to a freezing point and the roads become icy. If it is not ice then we have snow accumulation which transforms into slush on the road. Ice or slush, neither one is pleasant to deal with, especially when driving. In fact, it’s not just unpleasant, it’s dangerous.

For many people winter driving means learning when to stay home. Smart drivers know when not to risk driving in the winter because no trip is worth your life.

Besides prepping your vehicles with winter tires, new breaks and wipers, you have to prepare mentally. Your driver’s attitude should adjust to the road and weather conditions. In the winter you know you have to slow down, allow more space between vehicles and, moreover, allow more time for your travels. The day is shorter and we often end up driving in the dark, which is even more dangerous in snowy weather. Hence, one thing is certain – driving in the winter is more dangerous. Thus, if you need to move a car from one state to another we would recommend hiring an auto transport company such as Corsia Logistics. When you are shipping a vehicle in the winter you have to consider a few things.


Truck drivers don’t like driving in winter conditions

Just like everyone else, truck drivers do not want to be on the slippery roads during the winter months. This means that many truck drivers choose to take a winter break during. Most big rig drivers are owner operators and they can choose when and where to drive. How does this affect you as a customer? Well, most obviously less truck drivers means higher demand on certain routes and higher prices. Additionally, because truck drivers have to be extra careful and because there are less drivers in the winter, the transit times take longer. So, be prepared for delays. Most reliable companies will inform you of that in advance. Check out our guide and learn more about what causes delays when shipping a car.

Expect your vehicle to be dirty

We talked about all that salt that gets dumped on the road, and all that slush that comes to life right? Now, imagine your vehicle loaded on an open car carrier driving down the road and all other vehicles wading through that slush alongside the truck. If you are on the street walking, the sludge will simply whack your pants; if you are a car loaded on to the truck, well you get the same treatment. So, don’t expect your car to be clean at delivery. If you prefer more protection then we recommend enclosed transport. This type of trailer protects the vehicle from weather and road conditions.

I hope that now you know more about driving in the winter and shipping your car in the winter. Winter affects many aspects of our lives and we have to be prepared. If you need to transport a vehicle learn more about how much it costs to ship a car and get a quote online, or call us. To learn all about how auto transport works visit our Shipping a car section or our Questions section. If you have any questions or additional suggestions, please, post them in the comments. Thank you.

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