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Shipping Ford Mustang: What you need to know

Shipping Ford Mustang: What you need to know

The legendary Ford Mustang is that car that truly represents the quintessential American spirit. The bestselling sports beast has been around since 1964 and continues to win the hearts of enthusiasts all over the globe. Without a doubt, owning a Mustang is a great privilege. And one way to express appreciation for the legendary pony car is by taking good care of it, which sometimes may include shipping.

Shipping a Ford Mustang is the best option when you need to relocate it long-distance. It ensures your car is protected from any damage and wear and tear. In this quick guide, we’ll share our expertise and answer some of the most common questions to help you ship your Mustang with peace of mind.

How much does it cost to ship Ford Mustang?

This is one of the first questions customers ask. And there is no one-fits-all answer. Shipping costs depend on a series of factors that include the exact distance, time of the year, supply and demand on a given route, type of carrier, and whether you choose standard or expedited shipping. In the case of shipping a Ford Mustang, modifications can also impact the price.

Due to these different variables, the shipping quotes will vary widely. However, generally, the enclosed single-car carriers and expedited shipping are the pricier options. As you collect different quotes, you should keep in mind your budget without compromising the quality of service. Having peace of mind while shipping your Mustang is a priority.

What type of carrier should I choose?

When shipping a Ford Mustang you want to give it the best care a sports car can get. Open carriers are a safe option, but they don’t protect your car from weather and road dust.

Therefore, if you’re looking for maximum protection for your Mustang, we encourage you to go with an enclosed carrier instead. This type of carrier completely shields your vehicle from inclement weather or road debris. If you would like to be even more exclusive, you can also pick a single car carrier, which will bring your Mustang straight to the destination.

When booking your shipment, make sure to notify the auto shipping company of any modifications which may influence the carrier choice. The more information you share about your car advance, the easier it will be to find a secure and best-fit carrier for your vehicle.

How long will the delivery take?

The time of delivery depends on the shipping season, the distance, but also on the type of service that you choose. For example, shipping a car from Florida to Texas can take 4 to 6 days after it has been picked up. If you need your vehicle sooner, then you can request expedited shipping.

The delivery date is always an estimate. Due to the nature of the shipping industry delays may happen for a number of reasons such as weather conditions, traffic, or road closures. So plan in advance and maintain communication with your vehicle shipping agent.

Moreover, it is through communication with your agent that you can get customized advice. This is why customer service should be an important criterion as you pick the company that will take care of your Ford Mustang.

How does shipping Ford Mustang work?

By now, you should have a good grasp of the questions to ask the auto shipping agent. However, to make your research on shipping a Ford Mustang complete, here are some steps to consider:

  • Check customer reviews. Ask around for references and read online reviews. Learn about other customers’ experiences before booking. Reliability and expertise in sports car shipping are the qualities that you are looking for in your search.
  • Check USDOT licensing and inquire about insurance to make sure the company complies with the government regulations and can securely transport your vehicle.
  • Be as detailed as possible in describing your Ford Mustang and also provide the exact pick-up and drop-off locations. This way you’ll get the most accurate quote.
  • Ask what is included in your quote. Pricing transparency is also a great indicator of a reliable company.
  • Check the condition of your car before and after delivery, remove all personal items before shipping.
  • Upon delivery, sign the Bill of Lading and make sure to get your copy before the driver leaves the site.

Shipping your Ford Mustang with Corsia Logistics is a very straightforward and smooth process. Our experienced vehicle relocation agents will be happy to share their expertise and help arrange transportation to any destination within the United States. Therefore, get in touch with us at your convenience and get your free customized quote.

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