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What makes auto transport easy

What makes auto transport easy

Occasionally, we all need to ship a car. Whether you are moving across the country or buying a car online, you will need to research how to ship a car. With so much information available online, it is easy to grasp the basics of vehicle transport. You can easily understand how to prepare a car for shipping and learn about auto transport insurance, as these are some common topics people need to understand. With all the information available online, we can certainly say that this is the first aspect that makes auto transport easy.

We have written tons of guides about auto transport to make it easy for our customers and give them peace of mind. Now, here are a few other points that will help you when researching and learning what makes auto transport easy.

It is easy to get a quote and you don’t need an exact address

It is totally normal to start researching way in advance. Collecting price quotes and reading guides can start as early as one year in advance, for some people. For that reason you would not want to, and have to provide your address when requesting car shipping quotes. The price might not be accurate because prices change based on several factors, but you can still get an idea. Submit you can details and zip codes for pick up and delivery and you will be able to request a current market price. Request instant car shipping quote now.

No license plate needed as well to ship a car

It is not a problem if your car is not registered just yet. All we need to transport the car are the keys. Maybe you have bought an inoperable car? No problem. We ship inoperable cars all the time. If this is your project car, then enjoy. We will deliver it to your door.

This “door-to-door” is not always actual

This is an actual service, and we offer it to any state and any city. However, there re restrictions in place for many communities and big trucks can not enter. This means that we can deliver your automobile as close to your door as legally possible. Which in turn requires customer and truck driver to arrange between themselves a convenient delivery spot. This is usually a close by plaza which has enough space for a big truck to maneuver. This at the end makes it easy for both the customer and the carrier.

Shipping personal items inside your car

In general it is not allowed to load your car with household items, but you can include one piece of luggage or a box in the trunk that equals up to 100lbs. Corsia always allows that and most carrier do not have any objections, as long as it is no more than 100lb. This definitely makes your life easier especially if you are in the middle of moving from one state to anther. Just remember that it is not covered by the carrier’s cargo insurance.

Now, we hope these points reveal that auto transport is indeed easy and makes moving easier. Most household moving companies are not licensed to transport vehicles and this is where we come to service customers. We work with moving companies from across the country, and if you need a referral we would love to help you and point you in the direction of some movers. Corsia ships automobiles, trucks, ATVs, motorcycles and more and are looking forward to answering any auto transport questions you may have. Keep browsing our website to learn all about auto transport. Thank you!

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