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Things to know before shipping a Jeep

Things to know before shipping a Jeep

“Go Anywhere. Do Anything.”

These beautiful beasts have been around since 1945. They have seen it all: wars, army life, and civilian driving. They learned to breathe underwater and traversed the toughest terrains.

However, who said that beasts do not need proper care? A Jeep can be merciless while awake, and quite vulnerable when asleep. Therefore, when shipping a Jeep, it is important to consider certain aspects such as carrier type, your Jeep’s specifics, insurance, shipping time, and most importantly, reliability of the auto transport company. Let’s take a look at these aspects in more detail below.

What are the specifics of shipping a Jeep?

Knowing your Jeep well is important to determine the carrier type and the need for additional shipping services. Some of the important dimensional specs include length, width, height, ground clearance, and curb weight.

Different Jeep models offer wide ranges of these specs. For example, Grand Cherokee SUV has a general length of 189.8 inches and weighs 4545 pounds, while a CJ 3, has a length of 138.2 inches and weighs only 2243 pounds. This means that the first model may cost more to transport than the second.

A carrier is restricted by weight and size limitations. It means that transporting bigger and heavier cars limits carrier’s overall hauling capacity, consequently increasing the cost of transporting them.

Also, it’s common for Jeep owners to modify their vehicles with lifted suspensions, oversized tires, and accessories that increase the overall dimensions of a Jeep. These modifications may affect the total cost of shipping.

When requesting a quote, provide the exact model and describe any modifications. Sometimes your shipper will ask for photos of your Jeep to determine the specifics that apply in your case. All these details will help ensure that you receive the most adequate service.

Also, if your Jeep has any operational issues that may affect the shipping process, make sure to inform your car shipping company. In this case, special equipment may be necessary for loading and unloading.

What type of shipping carrier should I choose?

In general, you will have two choices – open and enclosed carriers. As a rule of thumb, for rare, expensive, and collectible Jeeps an enclosed carrier is the most obvious choice. For shorter distances, you may even want to consider a single-car enclosed carrier.

The enclosed trailer may be a good choice when shipping your Jeep long-distance, for example, shipping from Illinois to Texas in the winter season.

Open auto transport, however, is a safe and reliable service for everyday drivers. Open carriers are readily available which also makes them more affordable and efficient. Car dealerships and private customers alike choose open auto transport every day due to its reliability and cost-efficiency.

How long will it take to ship my Jeep?

Shipping your Jeep can take from several hours to more than 10 days, depending on the distance and the service you choose. There are two important components in a car shipping schedule.

The first is the pick-up window, which takes from 1 to a few days varying on the availability of truck drivers. Whereas the delivery window depends mostly on the miles traveled. For example, delivery within a 600-mile radius can take around 3 days, whereas, for distances of 2000 miles and more, it can take 7-10 days.

In case you need your car to be delivered on or by a specific date, you can request expedited shipping, which significantly shortens the process for a premium payment.

How much does shipping a Jeep cost?

The cost to ship your Jeep will depend on most of the answers to the questions above. The exact model of your Jeep along with the distance will set the base price for shipping. Any modifications and whether you choose an open or enclosed carrier and standard or expedited service will further influence the price of shipping. But supply and demand on a given route play the decisive role when calculating the cost of auto transport.

Therefore, some key tips to lower your shipping costs include requesting a few quotes, being flexible with delivery timing, as well as shipping your Jeep in a season when not many people are traveling or moving.

How do I choose an auto transport company?

As you search for an auto transport company, keep in mind that not all companies can provide all services such as door-to-door or white-glove delivery for your Jeep.

Shipping a classic collectible car or luxury vehicle requires more care, expertise, and proper types of carriers. This is why it is important to check if the company is licensed, reliable, and able to offer adequate insurance during the shipping time. This information can be obtained by checking reviews and speaking directly with the shipping agents and asking questions.

By reading this post, you already know all the key questions to ask, as you prepare to ship your Jeep. At Corsia Logistics, we can help you even further by offering personalized services and quotes. Over a decade of experience and expertise in shipping various types of vehicles are some of our most valuable assets that we put to your service.

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