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Moving from Boston to Houston

Moving from Boston to Houston

Home to the world’s largest concentration of healthcare and research institutions, Houston is currently the fourth most populous city in the United States, with 2,323,660 inhabitants.

Home to NASA’s Manned Spacecraft Center, Houston is also dubbed the “Space City.”

Moving from Boston to Houston can be a challenging experience, especially if you don’t know where to begin. But it doesn’t have to be this way.  In this post, we’ll share a few useful facts about Houston as well as some practical advice to help you prepare for the transition.

Why should I move to Houston, Texas?

First things first! Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why moving to Houston may be a good idea.

Low housing and living costs

Compared to Boston, the housing and living costs in Houston are much lower. According to Best Places Cost of Living Calculator, Houston is 68.3% less expensive than Boston. The calculation is made for homeowners and does not take into account child care and taxes. Housing is the main factor that make people move.

The cost of living in Houston much more affordable than that in Boston – 224% less expensive, to be more exact!

Plenty of job opportunities

The job market in Houston has expanded exponentially during the past decades. Many people relocate to Houston due to work demands or to start a new job since this city is home to many Fortune 500 companies.

Huge diversity

Being the fourth most populous city in the country, with more people flocking from everywhere in search of new life, it is no surprise Houston has become so ethnically diverse over the years. According to various researches, Houston has ranked as the most diverse city in the United States for a few years in a row. It beats, although narrowly, Jersey City, New York, New Jersey, Dallas, and Los Angeles.

With the low cost of living, affordable housing, rapid job growth, and immense diversity, it is no wonder why you and so many others are thinking of moving to Houston.

What advice would you give someone who is moving to Houston?

1. Rent the first year

If you’ve never been to Houston before and do not have any leads regarding housing, we recommend you rent for the first year. As you may know already, Houston is a big city and has many different neighborhoods that vary greatly.

By renting the first year, you will give yourself and your family time to get familiarized with the city. That time will also allow you to create your opinion on which neighborhoods might be the best for you in terms of commute, school options, safety, and community, among other factors.

2. Consider the weather

Climate is something every new transplant needs to consider. And moving from Boston, you will need to adjust to Houston weather. Summers are hot and humid in Bayou City, which makes it a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Prepare to carry bug spray with you all the time.

Located on the gulf coast, Houston is also prone to hurricanes and flooding. You’ll need to prepare yourself and your home well for any unforeseen nature events.

So consider the first year living in Houston as a “trial year” before fully committing and calling it home.

3. If you own a car – take it with you

The last but not least piece of advice is to hold on to your car if you have one. You will need it, especially in Houston. While it is true that Houston is one of the greenest southern cities in the United States, public transportation is limited, and the city is not very walk-friendly. Most of the metro area is spread out and designed for cars.

And, although, it is possible to leave without a vehicle in Houston, having one will allow you to move around independently, on your terms.

How to ship your car from Boston to Houston?

When you move long-distance, such as from Boston to Houston, the best option is to ship your car with a reliable auto transport company rather than driving. Driving could be enjoyable if you have a few days for a road trip and are ready to put almost 2000 miles on your car and spend nearly 30 hours behind the wheel.

How do I find a reliable auto shipping company?

You can ask friends and family first, and then just do a search online. When searching online, check customer reviews and companies’ licensing and insurance. Call a few companies and talk to them. Once you decide on at least three options, make sure you ask all of your questions and discuss your budget. Then request a car shippiong quote to compare prices and understand all the costs involved, as well as auto transport time tables.




Why is it important to call and get a quote?

To avoid dishonest companies that offer low-baw quotes and promises services they can not deliver, it is better to call and learn more about the people who will be handling your vehicle. A reliable company will offer a current market price that will ship your car safely and efficiently. They will be transparent with you about their prices and help you understand the process.

Corsia Logistics serves Houston on a regular basis. If you need to ship your vehicle or have questions about how auto transport works, we are here to help. Call our team now or request a car shipping quote online. Thank you!

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