Moving from Illinois to Texas

June 15, 2021
Ina Gjika

Texas has welcomed several migration waves during the last decade, and the trend has been increasing steadily. According to studies and research, thousands of Americans have relocated to North Texas during 2020 from California, New York, and Illinois. Therefore, if you have been contemplating moving from Illinois to Texas, you are not alone.

In this concise guide, you’ll find a few useful facts about The Lone Star State, as well as some helpful tips for a smooth move, including shipping your car from Illinois to Texas.

Why are people moving to Texas?

Areas such as Austin, Dallas, Houston, or San Antonio are true magnets for newcomers for reasons ranging from economic to cultural.

Firstly, many companies have moved their offices to Texas due to a diverse range of corporate incentives, including lower taxes and operational expenses.

Second, even though the real estate prices in Texas have increased, compared to Illinois, housing expenses are still 6.7% cheaper.

And lastly, the cherry on top of the economic cake: there are no income taxes in Texas.

In addition to its economic charm, Texas also offers a rich cultural life, not to mention the warm climate in most of its counties. Forget about the cold Chicago weather and the small size apartments. Texas is way more spacious and sunny for most of the year. Moreover, it is so hard to say no to delicious barbecues, tacos, fajitas, and all other Tex-Mex foods, while enjoying a variety of music vibes in Austin.

What should I know before moving to Texas?

Despite all the perks of living in The Lone Star State, you may run into a few challenges. They can be easily solved when you have timely information on hand. So when you are moving from Illinois to Texas, make sure to consider the following:

Bring your car with you. Texas is a large state that lacks a comprehensive public transportation system. It means that having a car is necessary to be independent and mobile.

Brace yourself for heat, humidity, and hurricanes. Choosing a nice, safe location, with a good cooling system can make your life pleasant as you escape the heat. Moreover, it is also a good idea to get insurance to protect your property against any potential hurricane damages.

Familiarize yourself with the Texas state rules: Texas government page is a good resource of information regarding obtaining your driver’s license, registering your car, and accomplishing other logistical tasks as you start your life in Texas. Make sure to register your vehicle within 30 days upon your arrival in Texas.

How much does it cost to move from Illinois to Texas?

The cost of moving from Illinois to Texas depends on several factors such as your exact destination, the services you will need, the time of the year, as well as the number and weight of items you will move.

For example, moving a 2-bedroom apartment, with packing and unpacking services, can easily exceed $3,000.

Some useful tips to reduce the cost include researching beforehand for the company that offers an optimal cost-to-value ratio. You can also do some of the packing and unpacking yourself or ask your friends for help. If you start early enough, you may find most of the packaging material yourself at a lower cost.

How can I ship my car from Illinois to Texas?

Your car will be one of your best friends in Texas, as it will help you not only to commute but also explore the region and get things done. So, how to get started with the process of shipping your car from Illinois to Texas? Here are the main steps:

    • 1. Research auto shipping companies and request quotes. As you compare quotes, also pay attention to the responsiveness of the staff and the reviews you read. The lowest quotes do not always translate into quality and reliable service.
    • 2. Choose the type of carrier based on your car model and shipping season. For example, if you ship an expensive luxury car during the winter, an enclosed carrier would be a better fit to protect it from potentially damaging weather effects.
    • 3. Inquire about car insurance during the shipping period. Make sure your vehicle has adequate coverage during transit and request a copy of the insurance certificate for your peace of mind.
    • 4. As the shipping date approaches, clean and empty your car. The reason for this is to comply with shipping legislation and protect your car from any damages during transport.
    • 5. Make sure to check your car’s condition before and after shipping. Get a copy of the Bill of Lading which serves not only as a receipt but also as a car condition report.

Corsia Logistics ships to Texas on a regular basis. Our relocation experts are well-versed in answering all your auto transport questions and guiding you through the process.

We are aware of how complex moving to a new state may be, and our goal is to take car shipping off your list of concerns. Get your free quote today by dialing (818) 850-5258 or fill out our simple quote request form.