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Summer driving tips

Summer driving tips

It is this time of the year again – summer! It’s time to hit the road driving, walking, or biking. As a driver, though, you have to consider a few things before you get behind the wheel. Be prepared when driving and be alert at all times especially in the summer when everybody is out.

The statistics show that more and more people have started walking, biking, and taking public transportation. This is great news and might even be the advent of the end of the car culture in America. Time will show.

The fact is that thousands of people are out walking and biking in the summer, and the drivers have to be extra careful and vigilant. Now, go over some of our summer driving tips!

A few summer driving tips to keep in mind:

  1. Check your vehicle regularly – make sure it’s tuned – oil, battery, and tire rotation are important when driving in hot weather, just like when it’s cold.
  2. Ensure that children in the car are safe. When going long-distance think about car seats and car temperature, and sun protection.
  3. Don’t be distracted – DO NOT TEXT and DRIVE! Observe the driving speed limit at all times, especially when riding with children.
  4. Be alert all the time – watch for pedestrians and cyclists – many more of them are on the road in the summer.
  5. Do not pass a car stopped before a crosswalk because pedestrians may be crossing. This is something you need to follow in general, not just in the summer!
  6. Do not assume that pedestrians see you or that they will act predictably, summer is time for enjoying the weather and pedestrians are quite careless.
  7. Be especially vigilant around schools even in the summer as children still go to summer classes and sports events.
  8. Make sure to put together an emergency driving kit. Always have a cell phone charger, work gloves, flashlight, jumper cables, change of clothes, and a jug of water!
  9. Stay cool this summer by parking in the shade whenever possible. Overheating can cause problems both to the vehicle and to you.
  10. Be alert to trucks on the road – summer is the moving season and there will be many moving companies’ trucks and auto transport carriers.

Summer is a busy season and many people spend time outside walking, jogging, biking, and driving. As I mentioned, summer is also the moving season when millions of people relocate to a new city or new state. These transplants basically move all their households and often move their vehicles as well. So, be conscious and drive carefully both in the city and on the highway. And lastly, always try to expect the unexpected on the road!

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