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Shipping a million-dollar car

Shipping a million-dollar car

Let’s say you’ve just spent seven figures on a high-end automobile – an exclusive supercar that defies conventions and exudes style and power or an immaculately preserved unique vintage beauty, a living piece of history.

At some point, you are probably going to need to move your prized possession and you want to do it the right way.

Transporting a million-dollar car across the country or the ocean is not like moving any other vehicle.

In this quick guide, we’ll go over a few things you need to know when transporting a luxury vehicle. Armed with the right information, you can successfully navigate the process and make sure your million-dollar car reaches its destination safe and sound, on time.

How to ship a million-dollar car?

Do your research.

Your million-dollar car requires white-glove service. So be sure to choose a provider that specializes in shipping high-end automobiles – from customer service agents to drivers who will be handling your investment-grade vehicle. Look for the opinions and experiences of people who have already been through the process. Carefully read online reviews. Consult the FMCSA hotline for your potential shipper’s license and insurance information.

Shipping your million-dollar car is not just about business – it’s about trust. Choose your auto shipping company wisely.

Will you ship by air or by water?
Shipping your car by air is an option if you insist on security and fast delivery, whether domestically or internationally. It will definitely cost you several thousand dollars more, but the price allows for the exclusive and speedy experience.

Ocean freight is a popular option for overseas vehicle shipping. For better security, your car will travel in a container, but prepare to wait a few weeks for delivery. Ocean freight is the most popular option for transporting a car overseas. But keep this in mind – if your vehicle is worth more than $1 million, your insurance company will most probably require air freight.

Decide on open vs. covered transport trailer.

What is the risk you are willing to take in exchange for the money you could save? On the one hand, you have the open-air transport, which is the standard and cheaper option. Although incidents are rare, your expensive car still will be exposed to potentially damaging road and weather elements.

Covered transport, on the other hand, offers the highest level of protection. It is a pricier option and usually, takes longer to schedule a truck because covered trailers represent only ten percent of the whole fleet in the US. However, it is worth the wait because drivers are more accustomed to handling high-end cargo, and also the insurance coverage limit is higher.

Corsia Logistics transports luxury vehicles nationwide daily. Call us now, and our logistics experts will walk you through the shipping process and answer all your questions.

How much does shipping a million-dollar car cost?

The cost to ship a vehicle is a variable that depends on other factors. Every situation is unique, so should be the price. At Corsia Logistics we offer manually calculated quotes that reflect the most current market situation. Our agents carefully examine each particular situation and deliver comprehensive, custom-tailored shipping solutions. Below is what we take into account:

  • Vehicle make, model, and modifications
  • Distance and pick-up/drop-off locations
  • Type of carrier: open or enclosed
  • Vehicle condition: operable or not
  • Supply and demand on a given route

Whether you choose standard or expedited service will also affect the final cost of shipping.

It’s important to understand how vehicle price is calculated, so you can make educated choices. Do not base your choice on price only. When you ship an expensive vehicle like yours, you also pay for professionalism and peace of mind.

Do I need extra insurance when shipping a million-dollar car?

Given the unique nature and the cost of your car, it’s only natural for you to wonder about the insurance. Every reliable auto transporter carries insurance to cover the cost of your vehicle. Check the extent of their policy. If it is not enough, consult with your provider and purchase additional coverage. The important thing is for you to understand how much coverage you have, so you can make informed decisions. Don’t shy away from asking questions.

Shipping a million-dollar car might seem like it costs a fortune and requires a lot of effort. The amount you have invested in your vehicle puts extra pressure to make the best decision. So, start planning early.

Choosing the right auto transporter will make the process a breeze. At Corsia Logistics, we specialize in high-end automobile transport and make it our goal to arm you with relevant information. We understand our niche and the value of luxury vehicles.

If you are fortunate to own a million-dollar car, but this is your first time shipping such a vehicle, start here. Browse our website to learn all about how auto transport works, chat, or call us. And should you choose to ship your exotic vehicle with us, our logistics experts will accompany you from start to final delivery at your door.

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Corsia Logistics team works hard every day to ensure reliable expedited car shipping service. Our customer reviews prove that.

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Simon Moore
Great company
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Looking for a logistics company, to ship my car, from California to Illinois,my first search, then Corsia showed up, skeptical. Call and a very friendly secretary: Elena. She guided me through, I scheduled and as she explained, all when smooth as scheduled Very happy I did the right choice. I'll recommend this great Company to anyone that is thinking to relocate a vehicle. Thanks Corsia logistics for your honesty and professionalism!
Elizabeth Woodward
High five's all around!
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Corsia was highly recommended by a friend in the automobile industry. We needed to transport a cargo van from Seattle to Florida. We contacted Corsia who quickly arranged transport within just a few days. Communication was outstanding! Just a few email confirmations and we were all set. Mike was great and arrived right on time and delivered to Florida on schedule. Tip-avoid the hornets nest of auto brokers on line and just contact Corsia for a truly great experience!
Carrol Tiffany
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Corsia has been amazing. Their prices are really competitive but more importantly their customer service has been 5-Star. Elena followed up with me every step of the way, making sure there was no miscommunication between me & the driver. We are using them to ship a 2nd vehicle & would not hesitate to use them again!
Tony Boyd
Definitely recommend
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I have recently used Corsia for long time family car with sentimental value that was moved I have recently used Corsia for shipment of my vehicle from Oregon to Arizona by recommendation from other family member who also used Corsia in the past. I am very pleased on the service and the communication throughout shipment. Ken was my direct contact and kept me informed along the move The car was picked up and delivered as communicated. I did use a enclosed mover and the driver was also clean cut professional and treated car as his own. I would definitely recommend Corsia again with the experience I have had. Thank you. T
Top notch
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Top notch Transport - Porsche 997 Top notch! As easy and efficient as one could possibly imagine. Great customer service.. thank you Luke. Great prices. Check. Timely communications. Check. Clean transport trailer. Check. Supremely careful driver. Check. Timely arrival. Check. Don't mess around elsewhere, just call Corsica and feel confident your transports needs are going to be exceeded. My Porsche 911 rode like a Queen in her enclosed chariot. I've never needed a transport company before, and I surely will use them every time. Do yourself a favor, seriously. Call now.
Geet Mp Haryana
Reliable, efficient
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Corsia rep (Elena) was very proactive. Helped ship a car from CA to GA. She checked in with me via email quote and several phone calls to find me the best possible quote for the fastest available service. After several communications, Corsia was able to schedule a vehicle pickup the next day. The driver communicated well, and the vehicle arrived in final destination faster than we expected in perfect condition. I highly recommend using Corsia's reliable, efficient service.
Cay Liptak
Clean, efficient, wonderful
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Thanks, Corsia! Pickup was so clean, efficient, and wonderful -- my only recommendation is to make sure you schedule it during the day so you can fully review the car in the daylight. Drop off was equally wonderful, and the whole trip went down without a hitch (pun intended!). Seriously, Corsia delivered my Jeep from CT to California with no issues or bumps in the road!
Csaba Kovesdy
Truly positive experience
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Corsia Memphis to LA, mid-size SUV. I looked at 4 different companies amd Corsia was the most responsive of them. While being responsive, they were not unduly aggressive: when I indicated that I need to wait a month before making a decision they stopped contacting me and only came back with a reminder when I really needed it. Once I decided to engage Corsia they found me a transport within two days and the car was delivered (from Memphis to LA) in another two days. I had a truly positive experience.
Kelly Torres
Highly recommend
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Working with Corsia Logistics was a great experience. Working with Corsia Logistics was wonderful. They were able to find a driver right away to transport our car. They were in constant communication as to when the car was getting picked up and dropped off. The driver also communicated with me as to when he would arrive. I would highly recommend Corsia Logistics.
Amy Nelson
Excellent Organization
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Corsia was an excellent company to work with while I transferred my car across the US. A friend of mine suggested I use them as they had been very organized and trustworthy with her own car. I researched a few different place but decided to go with Corsia and I'm so glad I did! Any questions I had throughout the process they answered quickly and clearly. I would definitely use them again in the future and recommend them for others to use.