Corsia Logistics Celebrates 3 Years

June 20, 2016
Vasilka Atanasova

In June 2013 Corsia Logistics opened its doors for the first time. Two people decided to dedicate themselves to hard work and to delivering what customers need today – personal attention, straight talk and realistic prices.

It was a difficult beginning since this is a competitive industry and some big players really wanted to take us down. Certainly we did not expect a warm welcoming. But why were some big companies disturbed by us we really wondered. It was a good kick in the nose though, to make us understand that we have to work even harder and make sure we deliver this great service customers seek because this is the only way to prove our dedication and professionalism.

Now, in June 2016, we still remember the first six months of working without anything much on the table for us, but we knew things will turn around. We knew that in America when you work hard, when you are consistent and honest you will succeed because people will appreciate it. We knew that people will appreciate our personalized approach and dedication to attention and professional services.

We serve mainly as a broker because as a carrier we are only servicing local California routes, for short distance trips. Brokers are an entity that exists in every industry and this should not be a surprise to customers. We always explain that this is how the system stays efficient and competitive. Brokers and carriers work together to deliver fast and affordable service. One or a few carrier companies cannot service the whole country because this could turn the whole industry into a corporate own body without much competition, and we know what this is called.

The way the industry runs today is by having thousands of owner operator carrier companies servicing certain routes and working with brokers to make sure they load their trucks completely. The brokers on the other hand have access to all of these carrier companies and thus when a customer requests a quote they can quickly check prices on the national central dispatch board and contract with a carrier to transport the vehicle.

Owner operators and brokers are the motors that propel the industry and keep it from the spreading tentacles of corporations.

Many auto transport companies today can be considered corporations or certainly a big company when you look at the number of employees or trucks they have. People don’t often think about the importance of small businesses and what they bring to the table. Thinking about small versus big companies, we know one thing for sure, when a company gets big people tend to start looking small. In contrast, the value of the individual customer is always greater for a small business compare to a large corporation.

Small businesses are more in touch with their customers’ needs and hence the better customer care.

The level of sensitivity is preserved in a small business – daily customer requests and overall handling stays the most important operation. A small business owner usually exceeds customers’ expectations not because they need to, but because they want to.

Transporting a vehicle is a service many people never even think they would need one day. Millions of people move each year and often they expect their moving company to take care of their vehicle as they do to their household goods. The fact is though that moving companies are not authorized to transport vehicles and for them to offer this complementary service to their customer they work with companies like us.

This is when customers realize this whole industry is completely different than the moving industry. And this is when we start our educational process.

We know we have to communicate with our customers how the process works, step by step, because this is the only way to make people feel comfortable giving their car keys to a complete stranger.

But we are not a stranger anymore!

We have been here for three years and our customers are very happy with us! Please, read what they have to say about us online. Just Google our name.

We started small and we are still a small company because we believe in better customer care. Yes, we have hired three people for three years, and maybe we will hire another three in the next three years. We will let you know. Thank you to all of our customers, many of whom return or refer business to us. We will continue to offer above and beyond customer service in the years to come. Thank you!

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