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International car shipping requires expertise. We work with certified high safety ranked international carriers to make the process easy. Our logistics experts provide complete auto transport management and step by step guidance. Call us now for a custom quote.

International Car Shipping - how it works

Private customers international car shipping is growing quickly as buyers and sellers from across the globe connect daily. Moving a car overseas can be more complicated than a simple domestic move. It is important to be well prepared for your international car transport before settling on a service or a company.

At Corsia Logistics, we work with a vetted network of carriers to extend our reach internationally. Business and private customers alike rely on us for expertise and extensive resources. Shipping a vehicle across countries doesn’t have to be scary, whether your vehicle is shipping to Germany, Canada, South Africa or anywhere else in the world.

International Shipping Services

The choice really depends on what suits you best in terms of cost, time frame, shipping conditions, and safety of your vehicle. Given the fast time frame and its undeniable safety, air freight is the most expensive international shipping method used for high-end high-value vehicles. Most customers prefer transporting their cars via 20 or 40 feet container for international car shipping.

RORO shipping

Roll on / roll off (RORO) is the least costly service of all.
It is well suitable for heavy machinery, RVs and oversized vehicles. The car however, could be exposed to weather elements while on the vessel.

Container shipping

Perfect for a car and more items.
A container can be full load or shared. Shared or consolidated container is called less than container load (LCL), full container is called full container load (FCL).

Air Freight Shipping

Air freight is the most expensive of the three options.
This is for high-end automobiles that must be delivered on or by a specific date. It is usually used for race cars, and cars going to auctions or exhibitions.

Review our international car shipping guide, and call our team now for a customized vehicle shipping quote.

What documents do I need for international car shipping?

Customer vehicle documents

To ship your vehicle internationally you will need to present two sets of documents. The first set is related to your vehicle and its ownership, while the second includes your passport and anything the destination country requires.

The next set of documents will depend on your vehicle’s final destination. If you are importing a car to the U.S., you will need to demonstrate that it complies with certain U.S. standards: safety, bumper, and air pollution. For that purpose, DOT form HS-7 and EPA form 3520-1 are filed. Hence, before you begin the endeavor of bringing a vehicle from overseas, make sure it’s allowed for permanent import in the United States.


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Shipping company documents

From the shipping company you will receive a set of documents with instructions about how the process works, and how to protect yourself when shipping a car internationally. This set of documents includes:

After this is received and you sign it, the next step is to provide the company with the title of your vehicle(s). They will send it for customs clearance, which usually takes about 5 days. Once that is cleared you will be issued your Bill of Lading a Certificate of Insurance if you have chosen to buy insurance coverage. It is always recommended to insure the vehicle and for its current value. The insurance coverage will depend on the value of your vehicle and any other cargo you might be shipping.

If your vehicle is traveling from the U.S. to some other foreign destination, the set of documents will depend on a particular country the car is going to. Shipping a car to Europe is a frequent route for many US shippers. Check European Union requirement for importing a car in the Eurozone, or the specific country’s government website if it is out of the Eurozone. If you are moving to a European Union country you are allowed to import personal items and a vehicle, once without paying VAT if you can prove you are moving to settle there. The requirements could vary a bit, but generally you need to prove your residence there.

What documents do I need for international car shipping?

To receive a custom quote, with a current market price, we need all details about your vehicle and desired shipping dates, as well as the type of transport preferred.

The cost of international car shipping depends on the following important factors:

Vehicle’s make and model, and whether it is running or not set the base price.

The exact pick-up and delivery locations further decide how much to add to the cost.

The exact pick-up and delivery locations

These are important factors that form the base price for the international car shipping. Whether you need door-to-door service or not will certainly affect the rate.

The countries and ports with all their custom and import requirements

Then each country, and often each port, have specific requirements for custom clearance and import of vehicles with their own fees.

The preferred shipping mode - container, RORO, airplane.

Then comes the shipping mode that affects the price as well. Find out more below.

Vehicle’s make, model, and condition

Vehicle's make and model, and whether it is running or not affects the price.

Current supply and demand situation

And last but not least, the current supply and demand situation also affects the final rate

We are transparent about all international car shipping costs. Our logistics experts will carefully review your options and manually calculate a current quote. They take time to explain all details and answer all questions.

Frequently asked questions

Vehicle shipping time depends on the final port of destination. The sailing time may take anywhere from 10 to 55 days. Although this time frame doesn’t include time needed to consolidate and load the vehicles. When transshipment is required, add an extra 5 days at each port for customs clearance. Delivery to and from ports can also be arranged at your request – allow additional time for that.

International car shipping doesn’t happen overnight and unpredictability of the marine environment can sometimes cause additional delays. Therefore, it’s important to stay in touch with your international car shipping agent, so you can plan your time accordingly.

The answer is it depends on the shipping method. Absolutely no personal belongings are allowed inside your vehicle when shipping via RoRo. When shipping via consolidated 20’ or 40’ container, you’ll be able to include your personal belongings but in a limited quantity. If you need to ship a large volume of goods together with your vehicle, you may want to consider booking an entire container.

Once you’ve successfully completed the international car shipping process, make sure to get in compliance with local driving rules as soon as possible. That includes registering and insuring your vehicle.

After carefully assessing your situation and requirements, we will craft a personalized vehicle shipping solution. Request a quote online or call our team now.