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How to ship a mobility vehicle

How to ship a mobility vehicle

We have always referred to cars as the means to travel, expand our worldview, be efficiently mobile. With mobility vehicles, these functions are enhanced. The technological developments in the auto industry throughout the years have made it possible for mobility vehicles to offer a sense of independence and freedom for all those who under different circumstances have found themselves in a wheelchair.

Mobility vehicle modifications make shipping them a challenge. It requires knowledge and expertise. And Corsia Logistics offers both. In this post, we will offer some useful information and tips on how to make mobility vehicle shipping experience as smooth as possible.

Why does shipping a mobility vehicle require special care?

Wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAVs) are not always easy to find, let alone repair. This is especially the case with non-standard wheelchairs, which are customized based on the needs of the user. Moreover, one also needs to like driving that particular car and feel comfortable in it. Having all these in mind, the options on the market for mobility vehicles are limited.

It also means that finding an exact replacement if your car is damaged, is almost impossible. This is one of the reasons why you need to find a reliable auto shipping company. The company that understands the mobility vehicle’s idiosyncrasies and will find the most suitable carrier for your vehicle.

The specific body features of mobility vehicles such as the ramp, the winch, or the lower floor and higher roof are all important elements. They require customized carriers and drivers who know how to handle such vehicles.

This is why every minute spent on researching professional auto shipping companies is worth it.

shipping a mobility vehicle

What information do I need to give to the auto transporter?

Communication with the auto shipping agent is always important when transporting a car. With mobility vehicles, it becomes essential.

Do not withhold any information about your vehicle and provide as many details as possible to prevent any type of mistakes during the process. Below is the information your shipping agent needs:

  • The exact make and model of your vehicle.
  • The dimensions of the vehicle. Usually, mobility vehicles have a low bottom because of the ramp. The auto shipper needs to account for it during loading.
  • Send your auto transporter a picture of the vehicle in advance, to better reflect the description of the dimensions.
  • Provide the exact pick-up and delivery location. This information serves no only to determine the shipping quote, but also to check in advance, whether the road has any rough parts, which the driver should pay attention to.
  • Decide how soon you will need your car. If time is of the essence, inquire about the expedited shipping option.

shipping a mobility vehicle

What type of carrier should I choose?

The type of car shipping carrier will ultimately depend on the characteristics of the vehicle, as well as the distance and weather. For example, if your WAV has a very low bottom and the ramp positioned in between the wheel axes, then the enclosed single-car type of carrier may be most suitable. For peace of mind, you may want to ask the shipping company to show you a diagram on how they plan to load and unload the vehicle on the carrier. Choosing between open and enclosed auto transport carrier is important because often times enclosed carrier would be the best option.

If your mobility vehicle is of standard dimensions, you can choose an open carrier, where the vehicle travels at the end of the carrier. In this way, with no other cars behind the vehicle, it will be the first one to unload, reducing the risks of any potential damage.

As a rule of thumb, the more personalized the service is, the more expensive is the cost. This is something to keep in mind while getting quotes from different companies. The lower quotes are not always indicators of the best quality service and might end up costing you more eventually.

What is Corsia Logistics’ approach in transporting mobility vehicles?

From our experience in shipping mobility vehicles, we cannot emphasize enough the importance of good communication with our customers. We know how much your unique mobility vehicle means to you. Thus, we make sure to discuss every detail before and during the shipping process. We also offer door-to-door service as a standard option, which means a carrier will deliver your car as close to your door as legally possible.

If you have any questions about shipping a mobility vehicle, need a quote; or are ready to schedule your car shipment, connect with our team of vehicle relocation experts at any time via our online chat or by calling (818) 850-5258.

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