Moving from Illinois to Florida

December 2, 2020
Ina Gjika
moving from Illinois to Florida

Moving from Illinois to Florida appears to be a wonderful idea. Swapping what often feels like endless gray winters for 300 days of sun and a laid back lifestyle sounds just great. Even though the relocation may seem like a hassle at first, some good research and planning will guarantee a successful move.

What’s it like to move from Illinois to Florida?



Florida map beaches


The warm climate and beautiful beaches first! More than 800 miles of coastline and a relaxing vibe will be replacing the busy life and hills of Illinois. Get ready to experience some of the hottest and most humid climate conditions in the US.

Though the humidity may seem a bit difficult to put up with at first, look at the bright side: each day can be perfect to check out the beaches and freshen up with a good swim. Friendly people and sunshine give Florida a welcoming vibe. No wonder, this state attracts so many new residents and snowbirds each year.

Less efficient public transport

You may be used to the Chicago public transportation system, which is one of the largest and most efficient in the US. However, in Florida, a car becomes highly necessary as everything is spread out and public transport is not as good as in Chicago.

Therefore, now you have more reason to drive around in your favorite car while enjoying the scenery. But before you get to the fun part, don’t forget to register your car and complete all the necessary paperwork once you arrive in Florida. Check the official Florida website for more useful details regarding these procedures.

Lower average cost of living

Depending on where you choose to live, Florida can be more expensive (for example, Miami), or more affordable than Illinois if you choose to move to places such as Orlando. There are great opportunities in real estate investment, as you can find some good value-for-your-money deals.

Moreover, Florida is one of the states which does not tax income, applies low sales tax, and offers a fairly generous homestead exemption. Besides that, there are many other tax exemptions that you may benefit from. This means that with some savings, your disposable income will be quite pleasant and you will be able to save.

What are the costs of moving from Illinois to Florida?

If you have a large amount of furniture, consider hiring a professional moving company to assist you with all the logistics. Researching beforehand can save you time and money while ensuring a smooth transition to the Sunshine State. As you receive quotes, keep in mind that the final cost of the move will depend mostly on the exact distance, as well as on the volume and type of furniture you will move.

There may be additional costs in case you would like the company to also pack, load, and unload your furniture. Usually, the overall cost of moving from Illinois to Florida ranges from $3,000 to $4,000. Hence, if you would like to cut down the expenses, you can choose to do all the packing yourself and opt for a date during an off-peak season.

If you need help finding a relocation company, give us a call at Corsia Logistics. We can gladly recommend some good and reliable movers, which our clients have successfully used in the past.

What is the best way to ship a car from Illinois to Florida?

When you move long distances, shipping your car with an auto transport company is always a better idea than driving. The drive from Illinois to Florida may take more than 17 hours. Such a trip would require proper planning and preparation and can also turn out to be quite expensive, considering all the tolls, gas, lodging, and food.

This is why shipping your car from Illinois to Florida will make your life easier.

To ship your car with peace of mind you need the right auto transport partner. Research and read customer reviews. Then call the companies to discover their competence and customer service level. Ask questions about how auto transport works and what is the real cost to ship a car. A trustworthy company will give you all the answers.

Contact Corsia at any time and our relocation experts will answer all of your questions and offer you a current market price. Request a quote online or call our team now. Thank you!

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