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Moving from New York to Dallas

Moving from New York to Dallas

Moving to another state brings a mix of emotions, with all the excitement and challenges it involves. If you have lived In New York for most of your life and now have decided to move to Dallas, you may feel a bit overwhelmed with all the planning and preparation.

To make things a bit easier and help you prepare for your relocation, we’ve compiled this short guide, where we share some useful information and moving tips, including advice on how to ship your car from New York to Dallas.

How to prepare for your move from New York to Dallas?

Step 1: Create a checklist for the major tasks that you need to do. To keep track of the list, you can assign a deadline for accomplishing each task.

Step 2: Begin your research. By now, your checklist should have things such as: read about housing options, search for a moving company, research about the Dallas climate, or search for an auto shipping company, among others. The importance of research cannot be stressed enough in this process. Sometimes, by spending that extra hour of researching, you can save a good portion of your budget.

Step 3: Contact several moving and auto shipping companies to inquire about their services and prices. Do not always go for the cheapest options. Quality of service and reliability should be the major criteria. So take your time to check reviews and talk to relocation agents.

Step 4: Get acquainted with Dallas regulations for car registration, taxation, parking services, etc. Check the official Dallas municipality page for useful information.

Step 5. Set the moving date, book your flight, pack your suitcase, and embrace the journey.

What should I know before moving to Dallas?

Coming from New York, most likely, you are used to a very dynamic lifestyle, rooftops, and small apartments. Dallas will positively surprise you. As one of the fastest-growing metropolitan areas in the US, the city provides plenty of activities and entertainment. You can visit the Arts District (the largest in the US) or simply enjoy a frozen margarita at one of the local restaurants.

Dallas is a big city with a cozy vibe, where you will cross paths with many friendly people. The climate is definitely warmer than in New York, and the sunny days are in abundance.

Another bonus that comes with moving to Dallas has to do with finances. The cost of living in Dallas is around 40% lower than in New York. Also, there is no state income tax in Texas. Thus, you can enjoy a higher net income from your salary and be able to afford a larger house for less money.

How much does it cost to move from New York to Dallas?

Moving companies usually set a price range, which depends on the services they will perform and the number of bedrooms to move. Naturally, the more services you request and the bigger your home is, the more expensive your move will be. In the case of moving from New York to Dallas, the price varies from $2,100 to $6,200.

Therefore, we suggest you consider your moving budget, house size, and also the type of services you can do yourself. For instance, if you have friends who can help you pack, you could save some extra costs. Regardless, do not forget to ask the moving companies about the services included in the quoted price.

How can I ship my car from New York to Dallas?


It is always a good idea to ship your car from New York to Dallas instead of driving for nearly 25 hours.


Thus, considering the long distance, make sure you dedicate enough time to research auto transport companies that can deliver your car safe and sound. Customer reviews, customer service, licensing, and car insurance, are some of the criteria you should keep in mind when choosing.

The final cost of shipping will depend on the type of car you want to move, the type of carrier you choose, supply and demand fluctuations, and the urgency of your move.

For example, if you would like to ship your car during the winter holidays in an enclosed carrier, it will cost you more than if you use a regular open carrier and do not have strict time preferences.

To ship your car with peace of mind you need the right auto transport partner. Research and read customer reviews. Then call the companies to discover their competence and customer service level. Ask questions about how auto transport works and what is the real cost to ship a car. A trustworthy company will give you all the answers.

Contact Corsia at any time and our relocation experts will answer all of your questions and offer you a current market price. Request a quote online or call our team now. Thank you!

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