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How to ship an RV

How to ship an RV

Do you know what seems like a great idea? Going on a road trip with an RV or a camper. And since America has a lot to offer in that regard, it isn’t surprising that a lot of people are buying RVs. However, just like with a car, often the best deals are from out of state. Every recreational vehicle presents a particular challenge. How do you deal with its shipping?

You might be moving across the country, so you are looking to transport the vehicle to your new place. Or you are simply selling it. Whatever the case, you have to know how to ship it properly. That’s exactly what I am about to cover.

How to ship a recreational vehicle

how to transport a recreational vehicle

First things first – a proper auto transport

If you have ever shipped a vehicle, you know that there are quite a few options and companies to choose from. And sometimes the process of finding the proper transportation method can seem a bit daunting. But what if you’ve never done that before? With car shipping, there are different routes you can take. The obvious solution is to drive, or pull, the vehicle yourself. However, you have probably scratched that off the list already. Well, there are a couple of other routes you can go when choosing your RV transport.

What about another driver?

The first option is to go with a hired driver, who will drive the RV to the place required. However, finding a licensed transport of that kind can be difficult. Additionally, it only works for true RVs, not RV trailers. Even if a provider of that service offers some kind of trailer towing, it usually doesn’t come cheap.

Some people may turn to friends or relatives who can handle the task for them, but there are still risks. The vehicle can always have an unexpected breakdown. Even if everything goes well, it still endures wear and tear of a few hundred or more miles. So although it may seem like a good choice at first, if you go that route there are many hidden costs you have to account for.

Professional auto transport

Your second option is to book a professional auto transport service. While sometimes the price can seem a bit higher than the other option (although that’s not always the case), you don’t have to pay for unforeseen circumstances. That is because your RV won’t be driven, so there won’t be any wear and tear. There also won’t be a risk of breakdown, and this saves you a ton of headaches.

But you still have to know a thing or two. While in essence shipping such a vehicle isn’t anything that special, the size can be a challenge. That means you have to find the proper logistics company that can handle such a vehicle. Some companies only offer towing of such vehicles, especially when it is over 24` long. Usually the best option is to load it on a flat bed trailer, but that is not always the case. Smaller travel trailers and RVs can be loaded, but many times they are driven or pulled. So, you have to discuss your options and choose a solution that suites you.

Here are Corsia Logistics we can arrange the shipping of your RV or campera. It is a bigger challnge than to ship a car, but we can arrange that.  You can get a free quote in no time when you call us. If you deem the price acceptable, you can easily schedule the pickup. Then all that’s left is to prepare the RV accordingly.

How to prepare an RV for shipping

how to ship an RV

While picking a proper auto transport company is crucial, you will have to do a bit of work as well. You should take care of certain things before you have your recreational vehicle or trailer shipped. Before I get too specific, be sure to check for any requirements that the transport company of your choice may have. Some require specific steps to be taken, while others don’t have a concrete set of rules.

Technical reliability

If you go the route of a hired driver, it is a must that you take your RV to a mechanic. If there is something that needs immediate fixing (or would need such after a bit of usage), you should get it fixed. The engine, brakes and other crucial components have to be in top condition.

If you prefer a carrier transport, it is still a good idea to have the RV checked. If there is any leakage (oil, gasoline, etc.), it has to be fixed. Minor problems with the engine here are not that big of a deal with a carrier. You can actually ship a non-running vehicle as well.

Check the interior

Whichever transport option you go for, there are certain things that just need your attention. Quite a lot of them have to do with what you have inside the RV.

Personal belongings from inside should be taken out. This isn’t absolutely necessary with everything, but it’s for your peace of mind. Free-hanging or free-standing items (e.g. items in cabinets, any non-fitted electrical appliances such as a blender or coffee machine) should be put away in the storage departments or taken out. During transportation, they may fall and get damaged or cause damage.

You can certainly have most of your stuff you usually use in your RV stored in your cabinets and seal with tape for extra protection, which will ensure that everything stays where it should be. Some windows cannot be shut tightly, so you will have to tape them as well. It is unlikely that they can present a problem, but the transporter wouldn’t want to take unnecessary risks.

Then check the exterior

Be sure that your doors can be locked properly and that they can stay closed. If there are latches or sunroofs on the ceiling, make sure they are properly locked as well. Do an all-around inspection of the vehicle. The company of your choice will definitely do that and note down any pre-existing problems with the exterior. You will have to review them and agree these have been there prior to the transportation. Every irregularity (even the most minor ones) must be noted on the Bill of Lading.

Additional Notes and Conclusion

By this point, you are mostly done with the preparation. You can always do a final checkup of everything (tire pressure, handbrake, battery levels, etc.). If you are considering to have the RV washed, don’t. You can do that after its transportation. So you are now ready to have your RV shipped. There are additional things you can always do, but this article covers the most important points you need to know.

You can find more information on our website and our blog. Browse our guides or call us with questions.




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