Race car transport Guide

November 29, 2013
Vasilka Atanasova
Shipping a race car Porsche 911, shipping custom vehicle

Most people get a vehicle because they need a daily driver. But then there are those, who have a car to enjoy it to its very limit. A vehicle that sticks you to your seat and lifts you up at the same time!

Race cars fall into their own category. You would not drive them around on daily basis, nor would you want to. Their magic can only unfold on the track. This is why when it comes to transporting them, driving them at long distances may not be your best option.

Today we will explore what it takes to ship a race car and what you need to know about the process. Hop in and fasten your seat belt!

How to ship a race car?

The car carries divide into two categories and several sub-categories further down. The two main types of trailers are open and enclosed. Many vehicle owners opt for the standard open auto transport service due to its lower price and faster pick-up. However, when shipping a race car, owners of such vehicles almost exclusively choose enclosed car transport.

Within the two primary categories, we further differentiate between carriers that fit seven or ten cars and those that can fit only one or two cars.

In any case, most of the time racing teams, as well as race car enthusiasts and collectors, ship their automobiles in enclosed carriers. That being said, not all enclosed transport is the same. It can vary based on the type of trailer. Your choice here would largely be decided based on the transport distance.

For shorter distances, we use one or two-car trailers. Most of our high-end sports automobiles, transported within California, or to neighboring Nevada, go in such enclosed trailers. This trailer type provides the highest level of protection because it can only fit one, or at maximum two vehicles inside. Why does this matter? Because it ensures the safest transit, lowering the chances of accidents such as leaks from other cars loaded above.

enclosed car transport California

What is the best way to ship a sports car long-distance?

For such a task, there is the multi-car enclosed carrier. It is the most efficient method for coast-to-coast shipping. At this point, single-car carriers become too expensive, though you may still want to opt for one in special cases.

One thing to keep in mind here: sometimes the waiting time for enclosed trailers may be longer. That happens, because there are fewer of those in the US and with lower demand filling them up takes time. This makes the single-car carriers an excellent choice for people in a hurry.

Visit our detailed guide and learn all about race car shipping now.

The 1972 Porsche 911 at the top of the page is the custom race car purchased from California. Corsia Logistics transported it within the state via an enclosed auto transport carrier. That way this old classic enjoyed a ride without any road debris, dirt, dust, or the whim of the elements.

We strive for transparency and complete fairness. That is why we are not afraid to tell you how we calculate a car shipping price. Obviously, your price can vary from $200 to $2000 or even above, depending on what service you choose.

If you need further information about race car transport or to book a spot on a carrier, do not hesitate to contact us. We have an experienced team of logistics coordinators who will happily answer all your questions.

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