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Traveling for the Holidays

Traveling for the Holidays

I will not start by listing top ten or twenty tips for traveling around the Holidays. I am sure most of you already know what to do. The most important advice I would give though is “Don’t drink and Drive!” Just don’t do that. Avoid driving in the winter, moreover intoxicated at all and any cost. The Holidays are supposedly a happy time we want to spend with family. Time we will remember and prize in the years to come. Don’t turn this into a catastrophe.

Nowadays, time with family we often associate with traveling. For good or bad, families are spread across the country, or the world, away from each other for most of the year. The Christmas Holiday is that time of the year you expect to go home and get together to celebrate and have fun. If you live across the country, you have probably already planned your trip. You have requested the long anticipated vacation time and are now packing the suitcases. When heading out the door keep in mind one thing – there will be many like you headed across the country to stay with their families for Christmas. If you are flying, check your flights and make sure there are no cancellations. If you are driving, well then you will have to check a few more things.

Driving across the country for Christmas


Winter driving

First and foremost, prepare your vehicle. Check everything and make sure your car is in uptight condition to drive it across the country. Think about fluids, tires, breaks and heating system. One of the best options is to bring it to a mechanic to check and prepare it for you.

Check the weather forecast and the roads you are going to drive through. Also, travel early or late in the day, when there is less traffic. Although you may prefer to travel during daylight, keep in mind the roads will be busiest then.

Make sure you have first aid kit, warm blankets and food and water. You never know what might happen on the road. Lately, unexpected storms and blasts of bad weather have been reported across the country. Be prepared with necessities in case you get stuck on the road.

One good alternative to driving is flying to your destination for the Christmas Holidays. It is easier to hop on a plane and get off in a couple of hours rather than driving. Yet, if you think you will need your car while staying with your family you can easily ship it.  Instead of renting a car there, just check our auto transport rates and give us a call.

One last advice from me is to leave the car behind and also leave all the gadgets. Just enjoy the time with your family. Stay inside or go for walks, or go skiing or partake in snowman building. Whatever activities you have access to nearby – just do it. Don’t drive, walk more and do more stuff with your family. Happy Holidays!

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