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Moving from Los Angeles to Atlanta

Moving from Los Angeles to Atlanta

Living in the City of Angels can be adventurous, joyful, and even exotic under the beach palm trees. However, eventually, you might need to move somewhere else for a better job offer, school, or simply for a change. Atlanta, the Gate City, can be a great choice as it offers a distinct, yet surprisingly similar vibe.

No doubt that moving may be challenging. Therefore, the key to a successful and smooth transition to life in a new city is a detailed plan of action. Join me in this article as I unlock some useful information about moving from Los Angeles to Atlanta, including tips on shipping your car.

moving from Los Angeles to Atlanta

What is it like to live in Atlanta?

Atlanta may seem like a typical Southern city at first, but it is so much more than that. It offers the best of both worlds: a growing modern multicultural place and a warm Southern touch. If you enjoy art, nature, good food, or talking to friendly people then you will feel at home in Atlanta, the same way you do in Los Angeles.

Diversity in Atlanta extends to climate as well. This is great news in case you are bored with the endless Los Angeles summer. The seasons in Atlanta are distinct, yet not extreme. The winters are mild, the fall is magical, the summer heat is manageable, and the spring is colorful.

You will find the cost of living in Atlanta around 40% lower than in Los Angeles. Transportation and especially housing expenses make all the difference.

For example, the median home cost in Los Angeles is around $700 thousand, whereas in Atlanta it is $260 thousand. Considering the growing potential of the Gate City and the affordable prices, buying a house there might not be a bad idea, after all.

Which are the best areas to live in Atlanta?

Choosing a neighborhood to live in requires you to consider various factors, such as distance from work, whether you are moving alone or with a family, your budget, and, of course, your lifestyle preferences.

Do you like to live in a quiet area or prefer a more vibrant and active neighborhood? These are all questions you should bear in mind while checking out the options below.

Buckhead and Downtown areas offer plenty of activities for all ages, making your day dynamic and even touristy. Nevertheless, living in these parts of the city can be expensive, especially in Buckhead, which to put it in the LA context is also called the “Beverly Hills” of Atlanta.

If you still like the hustle and bustle but prefer something more affordable, try Midtown. It is an area growing in popularity, with good job opportunities.

Little Five Points is another dynamic neighborhood of Atlanta, but a bit more daring with its non-mainstream artistic style. If you prefer a quieter residential area though, Virginia-Highland is your neighborhood.

Will I need a car in Atlanta?

The easy answer is: it depends. In Los Angeles, it is very difficult to go around without a car. In New York City, you can totally survive without a vehicle. Whereas in Atlanta, you are somewhere in between. Public transportation exists, but not present in all areas and not always efficient.

Some neighborhoods are not walkable, and if your job is a bit farther away from your home, then you might need to consider buying a vehicle or shipping your car from Los Angeles to Atlanta.

How do I ship my car from Los Angeles to Atlanta?

Los Angeles is a 31-hour-drive away from Atlanta – a trip not for the faint at heart. Your best bet would be to hire an auto transport company.

Shipping a vehicle from Los Angeles to Atlanta will make your life easier.

Weather conditions, type of auto carrier, and service are important factors when choosing an auto shipping company. Reliability, transparency, and communication are what you should be looking for. Customer reviews, word of mouth referrals, and talking to relocation agents are helpful resources in your search for a qualified auto transporter.

To ship your car with peace of mind you need the right auto transport partner. Research and read customer reviews. Then call the companies to discover their competence and customer service level. Ask questions about how auto transport works and what is the real cost to ship a car. A trustworthy company will give you all the answers.

Contact Corsia at any time and our relocation experts will answer all of your questions and offer you a current market price. Request a quote online or call our team now. Thank you!

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