Moving from New Jersey to California

March 2, 2020
Ina Gjika
moving from New Jersey to California

The American comedian Jerry Seinfeld once said:

“To me, if life boils down to one thing, it’s movement. To live is to keep moving.”

Indeed, to move somewhere new means to nurture our innate curiosity and embrace change. It’s not always an easy decision to make, though. To get the best out of it, having an open mind is a pre-requisite.

Therefore, if you have already decided on moving from New Jersey to California – congratulations! Going such a long distance away from home is a choice that shows courage and readiness for new adventures.

Now that you’ve made this important first step, we suggest that you engage in some research about the new destination: California. What changes to expect? How to organize such a long-distance trip?

The Garden State vs. The Golden State

Population density

It’s no secret that New Jersey is one of the states with the highest population density. You might have even found it overwhelming sometimes. The situation is different in California, where everything is much more spread out, hence the population density is also significantly lower.

However, don’t be misled by these states’ density reputation. If you choose to live in Los Angeles, for example, you might end up in a denser place than NJ. The good news is that CA is big enough to offer you a variety of options to find your best fit.

Living costs and job opportunities

California represents one of the largest economies in the US and one of the most expensive ones. It has been the primary choice for many multinational corporations such as Apple, Chevron, Wells Fargo, Alphabet, Disney, among others, to establish their headquarters. This has increased employment opportunities, but it has also significantly increased the costs of living, especially in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

A piece of advice before moving to California is to further research prices for food, transport, health, and especially real estate. This information will help you to create a realistic budget before settling in the Golden State.

Weather and lifestyle

Embrace yourself for the sunny Californian days! Forget the snowy cold NJ winters. CA will welcome you with warm winters and very hot summers. The sunshine is present most of the year. I am personally a sunshine lover, always feeling the positive energy that it spreads around. If the sun transmits the same vibe to you, then you will love living in California.

I think that the warm weather has also influenced the Californian lifestyle. As you may have heard, it’s more laid-back, and there is always time to enjoy some coffee with friends, hanging out by the beach.

Food? Again, CA offers a large variety of it. One of the perks of living in such an international state is that you get to taste food from different world regions, especially the delicious Mexican or Asian cuisines.

Moving to California with your car

from Florida to Michigan shipping a car

Moving from New Jersey to California with a car will require additional planning. Distance between the two states implies a cross-country trip, which means you’ll have two main options for moving your car: driving or shipping your vehicle with a professional auto transporter. Below, we’ll compare the two alternatives so that you can make your choice:

Monetary costs

Shipping your car from New Jersey to California with a professional company or driving it yourself are both options that carry certain costs.

If you opt for shipping your car from the East to the West coast, then you will incur the car shipping costs, as well as the costs of your plane ticket to California. And if you’re bringing various suitcases, you will need to add their shipping costs as well.

In the case of driving, you will need to factor in fuel, food, tolls, and lodging expenses, since the trip will take several days. If your car breaks down, then you will also need to pay maintenance and repair expenses. And don’t forget the wear and tear on your vehicle and time you invest in completing the trip.

For such a long distance, driving may end up costing you more than hiring an auto transport company.

Time and route

This factor depends on your schedule and other arrangements. Having a job lined up in California may not leave much space for driving. You will feel much less pressure, if you have your car shipped, while simultaneously taking a plane from New Jersey.

If you have plenty of time and wouldn’t mind a scenic road trip, then you will most likely drive across the country. In this case, I would advise researching the best route with the safest terrain. Do not only refer to the airline distance that Google sometimes shows. Check the distance of the route you will be taking so that you can plan accordingly.

Safety and Comfort

No doubt that time and money are important, but safety should always come first. Hence, safety in the context of the season also matters. Because road trips in snowy weather not only can be less fun but also less safe. Remember that this might be your first time driving from NJ to CA, and thus you are not familiar with the road. Your car may not be suitable for all kinds of terrains. Not to mention all the mileage you will be adding on it.

On the other hand, professional shipping companies have their teams of experts with experience in handling difficult terrains and long distances. They will make it easier and more convenient by providing you with door-to-door and enclosed transport services.

At the end of the day, it all depends on your personal preferences, relocation needs, and specific circumstances.

Corsia Logistics has an experienced team of vehicle relocation experts who listen to your needs and offer honest and professional advice. We have shipped various types of vehicles from classic cars and luxury vehicles to your everyday drivers.

So, feel free to call (818) 850-5258 or drop us a line via our online chat to ask for a quote and learn how we can be of service. We’re looking forward to shipping your vehicle from New Jersey to California or anywhere else in the US so that you can be with a peace of mind.

Thank you!

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