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Moving from Maine to Florida

Moving from Maine to Florida

Every place we call home has peculiarities that make it special: the scent of flowers in spring, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee at your favorite coffee place, the vibe on the streets, you name it.

So, no matter how excited you are about moving, the new place will feel foreign in the beginning. It will take some time to make yourself a new home. Nevertheless, let’s say that after living in Maine, you are considering to move. Here I will guide you through one popular destination: Florida, The Sunshine State. Knowing what will be new, and what not, will ultimately make your experience moving from Maine to Florida more satisfying.

The Pine Tree State vs. The Sunshine State

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Both Maine and Florida have beautiful landscapes, depending on your taste and lifestyle. Rocky coastlines, sandy beaches, and extensive pine forests are the wonders of Maine. Whereas, hundreds of miles of beaches, flat golf courses, and lower hills are Florida’s courtesies. The Sunshine State can host a population 16 times bigger than that of Maine.


If you have been living in Maine for at least a year, you may have experienced its long, harsh winters and delightful golden falls. Snow in Maine can be very persisting before melting and giving way to the green blanket of the dense forests.

Down South, you will encounter Florida’s subtropical climate, with more than 300 days of sun a year. No wonder it is the favorite destination for snowbirds. The weather is not always gentle, though, as the level of precipitation and humidity is high. Moreover, frequent thunderstorms and hurricanes are also part of the package.

Cultural influence

The colonial legacies of both states explain not only their current demographics but also their cultural traits. For example, Maine was founded as a French colony, and only later on, many of the French city names became anglicized. Today, nearly a third of Maine’s population names are of a French origin; and the French influence in architecture and cuisine is also reflected in parts of the state.

Florida is a bit more diverse, hosting native Americans, African-Americans, Hispanics, and other European descendants. As a former Spanish colony, Florida inherited not only the Spanish names for many of its locations but also the Spanish language and, of course, part of the cuisine. So, if you get a craving for tapas, you won’t have a hard time finding good Spanish restaurants that make them.

Maine and Florida similarities

Despite the differences, both states also have features that you may recognize:

  • Both states are the endpoints of the eastern coastal area and form part of the East Coast Greenway.
  • Maine and Florida are popular retirement destinations, thanks to the affordable cost of living. However, Maine has a higher median age than Florida.
  • Both places are blessed with an abundance of certain food resources. You may have already tasted the fresh lobster in Maine. So now, get ready to enjoy fresh oranges, watermelon, tomatoes, and strawberries. As Florida is the largest supplier in the country, prepare to enjoy these healthy delicacies as part of your daily diet.

Logistical arrangements to get you moving

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Now, let’s assume that after reviewing the pros and cons, you decide to give Florida a chance. After all, it is hard to resist The Sunshine State’s charm. Below is a possible plan of action:

  • Get more specific information on your destination (city, neighborhood, housing). Some of the most popular cities you can check out include Miami, Tampa, Orlando, and Jacksonville. The good news for your budget is that the cost of living in Florida is generally lower than in Maine.
  • Make arrangements with a moving company.
  • If you are bringing a vehicle with you, consider shipping your car from Maine to Florida. For example, if you move in the winter, it may be safer and more convenient to transport your car with a professional auto shipper instead of driving it through the harsh weather. In this case, we also recommend an enclosed carrier to protect your vehicle from inclement weather conditions.
  • Some important points to discuss with the car shipping company are a type of transport, insurance, delivery times, and the cost of shipping.
  • Arrange your own transportation: flying to Florida sounds nice and convenient. Set the date and book your ticket.
  • Buckle up and get ready to embrace your new life in Florida.

We at Corsia Logistics are happy to assist you with the car shipping process. Feel free to connect with us via our online chat or call us at (818)850-5258. Our team of vehicle relocation experts will answer all your car shipping questions, provide you with a quote that reflects the most current market condition, and help you ship your vehicle safely and efficiently. Thank you!

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