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Coronavirus and RV travel: Should you hit the road now?

Coronavirus and RV travel: Should you hit the road now?

As the old saying goes, desperate times call for desperate measures. The issue here is that sometimes “desperate” does not mean “adequate.” Plenty of ideas might pass through our minds now, but we should remain calm. Is it not better to judge a situation with a clear head?

Right now, some people are thinking of moving during the coronavirus pandemic. Others are going one step further – they are considering hitting the road in an RV. That way, you can always be on the move, supposedly minimizing human contact.

Alternatively, you may have planned an RV trip, and now you are not sure whether you should go through with it.

In this post, we will review your options to help you decide. Keep in mind that the situation is still developing. While RV travel may still be allowed now, no one knows what will happen at a later point.

Should you cancel your RV plans due to coronavirus?

If you had plans before the pandemic, you might be wondering what to do now. One of the obvious things to check is how COVID-19 is spreading through the States. If you are going primarily to places where there are no major outbreaks, you might be fine. However, some precautions still apply.

A good thing to do is stock up on disinfectant. Any kind of travel will usually have you meet a number of people, so you have to be prepared. Hand sanitizers should be on your person at all times, especially when going through gas stations or stores. You may also want to follow some general road trip tips.

Nevertheless, you may still be wondering if RVing right now is a good idea. To help you get an answer, here are a few important questions to ask yourself:

  • Do you plan on meeting people? Most RV trips take you through interesting routes and places. That almost always includes meeting new people. Obviously, this increases the risks in the current situation.
  • Will you be breaking the rules? Some states require you to stay home if you do not have an urgent business. An RV trip will most likely break that rule, especially if you are planning on visiting certain places. These measures are not without reason. If you end up contracting the disease, through RVing, you will be spreading it far and wide.
  • Will you be staying in an RV park? Maybe you have already booked your stay at such a park. If that is the case, canceling is always an option. Though you can take precautions to avoid unnecessary human contact, there is still some risk. You have to judge that on your own.

It may be a good idea to rethink your trip if you have a lot of socially-minded activities planned. Though if you are considering more of a nature trip, perhaps you do not have to cancel yet. Still, you should make your plans as flexible as possible. That way, you may cut off the trip earlier if necessary.

Interestingly enough, it seems that right now, many people are going camping. An RV can be a part of that experience for sure. Some even say that it could be safer than staying at home. Let’s see how!

Could RVing be a safe option during the coronavirus pandemic?

Maybe you were not planning an RV trip, but with everything going on, you might be considering it now. The good news is that remote camping can actually be a great form of social distancing. Provided that you have stocked up on food and hygiene products, you should be fine!

With that said, some considerations are necessary. For example, you should not be too far away from any hospital, just in case. Also, you need to choose a stock-up location. Since several weeks of social distancing might be required, you will need to replenish your supplies at some point.

On top of that, everything points to at least incidental human contact. Because of that, you should make sure to follow the health guidelines. Also, check out the World Health Organization’s take on COVID-19 myths. Do not fall for the idea that you can be safe from the pandemic if you go to a hot and humid place. Neither expect that cold climate will stop it. Ultimately, the weather is less important than minimizing physical interactions.

A good piece of advice has begun circling the RV community: disinfect even your shoes. Many folks suggest having two pairs – for the indoors and the outdoors. Though campers are usually practicing that anyway, it is even more vital now. Obviously, if you are cautious enough, RVing can indeed be a good option. Still, it is not necessarily better.

RVing or staying home – you can choose either

COVID-19 and RV Travel

Do not feel pressured to escape the virus by jumping in the RV. Such measures are not required, and staying at home can be just enough. Then again, if you are responsible during your RV trip, you should not be discouraged from doing it just yet.

In any case, you should follow how the situation develops. Keeping yourself informed over the coming weeks will be crucial, especially if you are on the road!

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