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Tips for shipping a car across the country

Tips for shipping a car across the country

Did you just buy a car from across the country and need to bring it home? Or are you planning a move to another state and wonder how shipping a car works?


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Review our tips for shipping a car across the country and request a car shipping quote online or call our team now.

Research and plan

When you plan in advance you will save yourself rush and worry about expediting your  car shipping, which often involves premium costs. Check how auto transport works, watch some videos online and call a few companies. This is how you acquaint yourself with the process of shipping a car across the country. As soon as you choose a car shipping company, consult with your agent about the best time to transport your vehicle. Some seasonality trends affect the prices and if you are flexible you can receive discount on your rate.

Choose open car carrier

Open car carriers are the most popular and the standard solution in the industry. Such carriers are usually cheaper than enclosed auto transport carriers. Open-air carriers are readily available, and most customers prefer this service due to its availability and affordability. Unless you are shipping a collectible or high-end automobile, look no further than open auto transport for faster and less expensive shipping of your automobile.

Meet the driver

A great idea we always advice our customers on is to meet the driver at a nearby shopping plaza or truck stop. This is especially true when your destination is not on a mainstream route or your residential area has restrictions for big trucks. You can meet the truck driver and then drive your car from there. This way, you will not only save money but also time. However, this option will work only if the car is in a working condition.

Ship personal belongings inside your car

When moving most people utilize that option to ship personal items inside their vehicle. What carriers usually allow is a suitcase or a box inside the trunk. Most of the time you can even fill your car, up to window level, but that costs extra. However, keep in mind that shipping a few extra items with your car may not only turn out to be more expensive, but it can also go against the rules set by the Department of Transportation. Some reasons are: the car haulers do not have a license to ship certain cargo, other items may be considered illegal.

Moreover, having dangerous items in your car may damage its interior, and your insurance company will not cover these damages. Therefore, make sure to check your vehicle hauler’s policy on shipping personal items, in order to be in compliance with all terms and conditions.

How long does it take to ship a car across the country?

On average, shipping a car across the country takes about 7-10 days. However, the exact delivery time depends on the weather, traffic delays, or truck itinerary for other cars, among other variables.

Open auto transport is usually the fastest service due to high availability. Shipping via a single-car carrier may also yield faster delivery but at a higher cost. The important part is to choose a reliable auto transport company, where clear, honest, and timely communication is king, hence gives you easy access to your car shipping status.

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