Moving from California to Massachusetts

March 31, 2020
Atanas Nikolov
moving from California to Massachusetts

Cross-country moves take a lot of effort to execute properly. On top of that, transitioning from the west coast to the east coast presents its own set of challenges. What is the best thing you can do right now? Prepare yourself!

For example, do you know the specifics of shipping a car from California to Massachusetts? This can be quite important, as most people do not want to embark on such a long drive. Don’t worry, though! Together we will check out the important things to know about your move. That way the relocation can be at least a little bit smoother. Let’s get going!

What to know when moving to Massachusetts



Chances are you already know what to expect of the state. However, have you thought through the moving process itself? Certain key points apply specifically when moving from California to Massachusetts.

For starters, take the moving season into account. There are a couple of reasons for that. For instance, the end of summer means the beginning of the back to school season. If you plan your relocation around that time, you might want to book services sooner than normal. That also includes auto transport.

Additionally, the season matters because the weather may catch you off guard. We are not talking about just a difference in climate here. To put it simply, have some warmer clothes ready as sudden temperature drops happen regularly. Normal 70oF during the day can turn to chilly 50oF over the night. So, don’t rely on buying all your winter clothes once you get there. Prepare in advance!

The unique side of the Bay State

When people start researching their future places of living, they focus on a few aspects. Those include the job market, housing and living costs, commuting, and, perhaps, culture. Quite often, though, it turns out that many things still end up surprising them.

That is why we have collected some interesting notes that are not the first things to hear about the state. Hopefully, they will help you have an even better picture of where you are going!

  • Packed with stuff to do. Though rather small, the state hardly lacks anything. If you enjoy nature, there are many outdoor activities in Massachusetts. The place also caters to history and science enthusiasts. You may even find a new hobby in exploring historical towns.
  • Not a snobby attitude! Many have pointed out that people in MA seem a bit reserved or downright snobby. That is not really the case, though. Most of them simply dislike small talk and forced friendliness, so they avoid engaging in such interactions. Just don’t mistake that for coldness!
  • Embracing diversity. To add to the previous point, the Bay State is quite diverse. People have largely adopted the attitude “live and let live”, so you can meet folks from all walks of life there. That also includes a good number of foreigners. In fact, you may also see plenty of foreign celebrations.

Whether you want to embark on the various day trips, or you just want to enjoy city life, MA offers a lot. Will you miss some of the more colorful aspects of California? Maybe. Regardless of that, you might find out that the two states are more alike than people think!

Do you need a car in Massachusetts?

You may hear many people tell you that you can get around the Bay State without a car. However, most of the time, they are only thinking about Boston. That city has good infrastructure and public transportation, so having a vehicle there is not that important. With that said, we should look at the bigger picture.

It might be true that households have fewer vehicles on average, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have any. While single people can get by in Boston without a car, most families still have one for weekend trips.

And what if you are not going to live in Boston? Then you would definitely need a vehicle. But you might also want one anyway. After all, Massachusetts has plenty of magnificent areas to explore. Sadly, getting to them just on foot would be a challenge! That is why it would be a good idea to look into car shipping services, which can transport your vehicle easily.

college road trip and shipping your car


Are you excited about moving from California to Massachusetts?

Many people don’t like change. However, it can often be quite welcome. Seeing the world from a different angle, even in the same country, will give you an invaluable perspective. Sure, you might not be ecstatic about the moving process, but you can definitely enjoy the transition.

We hope you are going to like the opportunities that the Bay State will present to you. Don’t forget that if you need any help in getting your car there, we are here for you. Our team at Corsia Logistics can guide you through the entire process. Request a car shipping quote online or call our team now!

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