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Is shipping a car worth it?

Is shipping a car worth it?

Today we are facing way too many choices. From foods and clothing, to TV shows and types of automobiles. Moving is one of those choices Americans often undervalue. Whether to move or not, whether to buy a new car or not are some of the decisions many of us often face.

Moving across the country is not easy, but it could open up opportunities, and this makes it exciting. With this often comes transporting your vehicles as well. And the questions “Is it worth shipping a car” is one of the first to arise. 

is shipping a car worth it



Today, something is worth it when:

  • It saves time
  • It saves money
  • It alleviates stress

Is shipping a car worth it?

Yes shipping a car is worth it, when it saves you time and money, and eliminates the stress associated with moving a vehicle.

In 90 percent of the cases, we can put a check mark next to each of these three components that makes it worth shipping a vehicle.

Whether you need to ship a car across the country, or across the state, hiring an auto transport company always makes the process easier. 

Time is Energy

Does shipping a car save time?

Yes, shipping a car with an auto transport company saves you time and energy.

And everything that preserves your energy is worth it.

Shipping a car with a car transport company is easy and affordable. You only have to prepare your car for shipping. This is enough of your energy spent on the process.

Relocating your vehicle by yourself requires a lot more time and energy.

Once you book your service with a car shipping company, a logistics agent can easily help you plan everything. From your pick-up to delivery, and even your budget.

If you want your car on a specific date, you have to give enough time for the shipping company to find a car carrier.

Auto shipping depends on current supply and demand for any given route. This means you need to book your service at least one week before the actual pick-up date.

Take a look at our transit times to get a general idea of how long it takes to ship a car based on distance only.

How can car shipping save you time?

Driving more than 300 miles will take more than a day. A thousand miles might not seem so bad on the map, but once you hit the road there will be mountains and vast planes to cross. This means days on the road.

Moreover, when you start adding in the time for food and rest stops, a whole new time frame builds up.

Let us not even mention the unfortunate likelihood of getting a flat tire. This will not only slow you down, but will turn your road trip into a challenge. The time will be your last concern in that case.

As Benjamin Franklin once said, “Time is money.” And wasted time means wasted money. So, another important question follows.

Time is Money

Is shipping a car worth the money?

Shipping a car may seem like a big expense in some cases. If you want to travel downstate to visit relatives, but you do not feel like driving, auto transport might be a luxury.

Yet, if you want to spend the winter in Florida, shipping your car to Florida might be your best option. Shipping a car more than 300 miles is usually worth the money.

It also depends on the type of vehicle you need to ship.

Auto transport is the best solution when you are shipping a high-value automobile, such as a classic or any high-end automobile.

In these cases, the cost of the shipping process is negligent in comparison to the total value of the car. If you do not transport such a car in an enclosed carrier, you risk having it damaged by weather or road elements. And repairing high-value cars may turn out to be much more expensive than investing in hiring a shipping company to avoid this.

Additionally, an auto transport company can arrange both open and enclosed trailers to match your budget and desired level of security.

Stress is Manageable 

Does shipping a car alleviate stress?

Stress can wreck your emotional well-being. Day by day, it adds up. If you are not in a hurry, and money is not a real issue, this is probably the most important question for you. We use it as the final criteria for whether you should do something yourself or have someone else do it for you.

Driving across the country is certainly stressful. Moving more than 300 miles away is tiring and takes its toll.

So, yes shipping a car will alleviate the stress associated with moving the vehicle yourself. 

The process of transporting a car usually require some level of expertise. Even if you are a automobile racer who loves driving, moving your own vehicle long-distance may not be that exciting. Why? Because there are such things as traffic, weather, and other people on the road who do not like driving as much as you do. And they could really ruin the experience for you.

Thus, shipping your car with a professional auto transport company is the best option.

The process of shipping a car

Understanding the auto transport process is important. This means to read and understand how shipping a car works and what is a Bill of Lading.

Corsia Logistics works with vetted and experienced carriers to guarantee professional and timely car shipping service. Talk to us now, call and ask questions. Read our customer reviews to learn more about the process.

We are a five-star rated company because we understand the value of each automobile. Browse more of our car shipping guides to learn more, visit our FAQ page or just call our team or request a car shipping quote online. Thank you!

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