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Shipping a Car to Florida Guide

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Florida is a favorite vacation spot for people from around the world. It is also the snowbirds’ ‘nest’ for thousands of people from across the US and Canada. If you are not familiar, snowbirds season is the time of the year between October and April, when thousands of people from the northern states move to the southern for the winter. And when they do that, they often take their vehicles with them.


If you are looking to transport your vehicle to Florida, you are in luck! In this guide we will explain the entire process. You will find answers to the following questions:

  1. What options do I have when shipping a car?
  2. What is auto transport and how does it work?
  3. How much does it cost to transport my vehicle to Florida?
  4. How do I know I am getting a fair price when shipping my vehicle?
  5. What makes Corsia Logistics the right company for the task?


What options do I have when shipping a car?

When most people start researching their car shipping options, they may feel overwhelmed. You will see various rates thrown around as well as transport services, which don’t seem all that different from one another. The truth is that all the different transport options can really be boiled down to three alternatives.

They would be the following:

  • drive the car yourself
  • hire a driver to move your car
  • book car shipping company

Each of the options has its pros and cons. Let’s take a look at all three of them, so you can easily determine what’s the best for you! We’ll start with the obvious choice – driving the car yourself. This may seem like a good idea for some people, but it has underlying costs, which they usually don’t consider. The first thing you have to ask yourself is “Do I have the time to drive the vehicle?” If you are far away from Florida, this means you’ll have to drive for a few days, which is a lot. And as we know – time is money. Factor in all the additional expenses such as motels, gas, food for yourself and any passengers. Not to mention that your vehicle has to pass a maintenance check because you do not want unexpected break downs in the middle of the trip. Driving thousands of miles also takes a toll on your engine, so you have to count the wear-and-tear cost.

As you now see, driving the car yourself only looks cheap if you don’t think about it. So most people then jump on to the next thing – hiring a professional driver, or asking a friend to do it. But give it some thought. All the costs we mentioned above will still apply here. And you’ll be paying for the drive-away service as well. Thus, you really have to think about whether you want your vehicle to be driven, and if the answer is yes, then think whether you want to drive.

The third option is what most businesses and individuals opt for when they need to move a vehicle across state lines. Read further to learn more about how shipping a car to or from Florida works.


What is auto transport and how does it work?

If the previous two options don’t look that appealing, we have the third alternative for you. It’s the only one that doesn’t involve someone actually driving your car. With it the vehicle will be loaded on a car carrier truck and delivered to the destination you want. What does this mean for you? You only pay for the shipping service. No wear and tear, no motel expenses, no wasted time, no gas. In the end, auto transport is most often the cheapest option on the list.

You can research auto transport companies online and we recommend that you collect several car shipping quotes. The experts at Corsia Logistics will take into account all the information you’ve given in the quote and will give you a manually calculated rate. We do this to make sure you get an accurate and fair price, without the use of automated calculators. When you agree on a shipping rate, you can book your spot on a carrier truck. Together we will schedule a time window to pick up your vehicle. After you’ve prepared your car for shipping, and it’s picked up, the only thing left will be to wait for its delivery. As simple as that!


How much does it cost to transport my vehicle to Florida?

There are a lot of factors that determine the price of shipping your car. So there isn’t a flat fee we can give right away. However, Corsia Logistics understands that our clients want to know what they are paying for. That’s why we are transparent about what is included in the price quote. Let’s start by busting a myth. Booking a service in advance cannot guarantee a better price because demand changes daily. For example, during the snowbirds season a rate cannot be locked for longer than a week. This affects Florida in particular, due to the high percentage of snowbirds going there for the cold months.

Another factor to consider is the car’s dimensions and weight. Bigger vehicles are harder to transport, as they take up more space and require more power from the carrier truck. This is reflected by the increase in costs. If the vehicle is not in running condition, that would require additional services as well (a forklift, or a carrier with a winch). This again drives up the price. Of course, the obvious things like distance, pick-up and drop-off locations, and gas prices also determine the price day by day and case by case.

One other thing that you should also consider is the type of carrier you would want. Corsia Logistics offers both open and enclosed vehicle transport to Florida. Open carriers are suitable for all types of vehicles, whether that is a standard sedan or a luxury automobile. In fact, some bigger and bulkier vehicles can only be transported via open carrier. New cars are constantly being transported via open car carriers as well.

However, if you prefer more protection our transport specialists recommend enclosed transport. The covered carrier protects the vehicle from weather, road debris and dirt. Owners of sports, luxury and classic automobiles usually prefer that option. As you probably guess, enclosed transport is more expensive. But that’s not only because it offers more protection. It’s because only about 20 percent of the carriers in the US are enclosed. And when the demand is higher than the supply, the prices are also up.

Request your auto transport quote online now. We offer realistic market prices that will ship your car.
How do I know I am getting a fair price when shipping my vehicle?

Corsia Logistics provides manual price quotting. We do not use a car shipping calculator, which may often overcharge you. A realistic, current market price is usually determined by daily supply and demand situation. The nature of the industry is such that this is often the deciding factor when calculating a final price. And this is a factor that can not be determined by a software. Thus many automated prices often deviated from what is a current price. This usually leads to delays in shipping and brokers asking for more money. We never do that because we always quote a realistic market price, manually determined.

The reality is that competition goes two ways. The customer also competes with other customers for a spot on the carrier. This means that better paying loads (vehicles) will get shipped first. And since vehicle carriers expect to be paid the market price, auto transport management companies must offer a realistic rate to the customer.


What makes Corsia Logistics the right company for the task?

There are several things that set us apart from the competition. First and foremost, we are a company that values its customers. For our team, establishing a relationship that may turn you into a repeat customer is the most important thing. Our logistics experts are here to educate you and help you understand your options. Many of our customers are first time shippers and they come to us not knowing anything about how shipping a car works. We understand this and we are always ready to answer all of your questions and explain every step of the process. By being a small company we can also afford to communicate with each client and provide a great service. We know shipping your vehicle for the first time can be stressful. It requires trust. That’s why we have built our reputation with great care. Now we stand behind our name as a trustworthy company in the auto transport industry in the US.


If you would like to receive a quote for shipping a car to Florida please call us or request a free quote online. You can find answers to the most common auto transport questions in our Questions section. If you want to further discuss your options, please give us a call at (818) 850-5258 or contact us online. Still not sure about whether to call us? We invite you to read the Corsia Logistics customer reviews online. On our testimonials page you will find links to independent review sources or simply Google our name. We are here to help you ship your car with peace of mind.