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Alaska Auto Transport

Alaska Auto Transport

Alaska auto transport options

First, a car carrier will pick up your vehicle from a specified address you have provided and deliver it to a port in Washington state. Then, from the port we can ship to Alaska via another car carrier or via a water vessel.

Standard land services via a car carrier all the way to Alaska, door-to-door. Shipping via a vessel from a port in Washington to the port in Anchorage, AK; you have to pick up your vehicle from the port.

Both options are frequently used by customers, it is a matter of personal preferences and budget. Standard ground shipping usually costs more because it is a door to door service that involves more than one carrier.

One carrier will pick-up the vehicle from your door and deliver it to Anchorage, AK. From there a local carrier will take it and deliver to your address in Alaska.

Shipping via a vessel means we will deliver your car to a port in Washington state, most often from the port of Seattle. The marine shipping company will load it onto the vessel. Delivery is to Anchorage and from there you can go and pick-up your vehicle. This is the distance you will pay for at booking.

Booking early does not guarantee a lower rate. Demand and supply decide the final price to ship a car to Alaska, along with other factors, and fluctuations happen daily.

What are the liability limits when shipping a car to Alaska?

Your vehicle will be fully insured while on the truck. Every carrier has a mandatory cargo insurance we always check before reserving a truck. We only work with the highest safety rated carriers.

During the water transport, while your vehicle is on the vessel, a limited liability is in effect. This type of policy protects against damages from the time the cargo leaves the port until it reaches the port in Alaska. The limited liability insurance will cover any damages sustained to your vehicle during transport, not to exceed the market value of the car.

How to prepare your car for shipping?

If you are shipping your vehicle with personal items in it, please have an inventory list prepared with complete description. Our agents will send you a form you can use to take inventory. You are allowed to load personal items in the car up to 100 lbs free of charge.

  • Have all necessary fluids – antifreeze with protection to -40`. Corsia and the carriers are not liable for damages resulting from low temperatures.
  • Your car must have ¼ of a tank of gas. If you are shipping a car running on alternate fuel, please contact us for specific instructions.
  • Vehicles with propane tanks must be delivered for shipment with the tanks empty. The tank must be marked / certified as gas free by an authorized dealer or company.
  • Your vehicle must be in proper running condition and have working brakes. We will inspect it at pick-up.
  • Check your ground clearance – all vehicles must have six inches of ground clearance.
  • If your vehicle is larger and has any modifications this might contribute to a higher rate. Make sure you discuss this with us in advance.
  • Always have a photo ID at pick-up and delivery of your car when shipping to Alaska so agents can release the vehicle.
If you still have questions about shipping a car to Alaska, please call our logistics experts at (818) 850-5258. Thank you!
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