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How much does it cost to ship a car to Texas?

How much does it cost to ship a car to Texas?

As you prepare to ship your car to the Lone Star State, the cost is an important thing to consider. Most likely you have allocated a budget for this service and do not want to exceed it. Also, having full transparency about how the cost to ship a car to Texas helps you understand what you are paying for.

In this article, we’ll offer insight on what affects the cost of shipping your car to Texas and recommend tips on how to get some good deals.

What factors affect the cost to ship a car to Texas?

Distance and pick-up/delivery location

Distance is one of the major cost factors. For example, the cost of shipping your car from Illinois to Texas will be different than the cost of shipping it from Los Angeles to Dallas.

However, the exact pick-up/delivery location also affects the price. If the carrier driver has to do a detour to pick up or drop off your car, it will cost you more, even if the distance is shorter. This is because it will take more time and effort to get to a remote, difficult to service, or not frequently serviced location outside of main highways.

To avoid surprises, it is important to always tell your vehicle shipping agent the exact pick-up and drop-off locations. Texas is a big state and shipping your car to Dallas, Austin, Houston or any other location across the state will make a difference.

Vehicle model and modifications

The car model, operating state, and modifications can affect the cost of shipping. If your car is a non-running antique jewel, or if you are shipping a modified SUV which increases the car size, then the carrier options will be more limited.

In the case of the non-running car, the company will need to be extremely careful and use additional equipment to load and unload the car. This will drive the costs up. Having all this in mind, a serious professional agent will ask you questions about your vehicle’s model, year of production, size, modifications, and condition. Sometimes, sending a photo of your car might be necessary to provide you with the exact cost of shipping your car to Texas.

Type of carrier

The decision about which carrier to choose depends largely on the level of protection you want for your car. For example, for large distances and classic or luxury cars, an enclosed carrier, or even a single-car carrier are recommended. These services usually cost more, but they will protect your car from potentially damaging road and weather conditions. Otherwise, open carriers are also very popular and used to transport cars to Texas every single day from across the country.

Type of service

As you choose the type of service, you need to ask yourself these questions. How fast do you need your car delivered? Does your car need extra care in handling? If your answers are yes to any of them, then an expedited, door-to-door service is your answer. This service is pricier, but it will take care of any inconveniences for you. If you do not have these specific requests, then standard vehicle shipping services will do just fine and cost you less.

Supply and demand

Ultimately, even if we consider all of the above-mentioned factors, your cost to ship a car to Texas will depend on the most current supply and demand on this route.

Texas is an attractive state, with a rapidly growing population, and it is not unusual to have many cars shipped there each day. However, there are certain times of the year such as before holidays or moving season, when demand exceeds the supply of available trucks. It drives prices up. The best way to handle this is to plan in advance and reserve your shipping date and price.

What is the cheapest way to ship a car to Texas?

Now that you know the main factors that influence the cost of shipping your car to Texas, here are some tips to ship your car for less:

In the case of remote locations, arrange to take your car to a pick-up location and get your car delivered close to the main highway to avoid any detour cost premiums.

Plan in advance to avoid the last-minute rush and expenses.

Ship your car during non-busy times.

Unless you own a unique, antique, or luxury car, shipping it in an open trailer is a safe and efficient option and will save you money.

Last, but not least, find an experienced car shipping company with expertise in shipping different types of vehicles. This will give you peace of mind and save you from many inconveniences.

Corsia Logistics has been shipping vehicles for more than a decade now. Our knowledgeable agents can answer any of your questions and offer you personalized vehicle transport advice and free quotes. Do not hesitate to give us a call or drop us a message anytime. Thank you!

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