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Why do we love classic cars so much?

Why do we love classic cars so much?

Classic cars are special mechanical “creatures,” with whom we often form a special bond. They remind us of the good old times when life was simpler.

I can still remember our old Lada that was surely doing the job of moving us from one location to another but compared to my new car today, to me, the Lada does not imply a simpler life at all. Sure this is a matter of personal preference. So, let’s talk about the love for old cars (classics) and what makes us keep them and ship them whenever we relocate.

How can one car unite a family?

When I was a child, our Lada was a child too. We grew up together, and we changed together. The similarities followed almost simultaneously. I began taking more time to get ready to go out, and the Lada would take her time to start as well. I changed my hair colors and she … well began changing “skin” colors and shades as well.  And eventually, I couldn’t recall what its original color was – white? Or was it “champagne”? Or something grayish? So, the point is life happened to both of us, and the changes were irreversible.

Although, one thing was different. At some point, I started caring more for my safety and my family’s well-being while the Lada couldn’t really find a way to do it. The age matters, I thought. Despite the care my father provided, he couldn’t make our Lada the car it was 20 years ago. The whole family refused to believe it though and we kept moving.

One summer, we were all packed and headed for the anticipated summer family trip. One hour away from home, while we were driving on the outer banks of a river, an unexpected cracking noise drove us off the road and into the river’s shallows. The rim had detached. Then and there we realized it was time to replace the old Lada with a more reliable new automobile.

How do classic cars and old cars compare to each other?

This is a story of an old car that has served its time. Today, if you love classic cars and you own, one you do everything possible to preserve it. This includes not driving it on a highway, but rather only on local roads. Although some classic cars can handle winter roads and snow pretty well, I’d stick to driving my vintage beauty in the summer months and some limited number of miles a year in general.

Classic car owners usually get special insurance for their vehicles and use the enclosed classic car shipping service to move them from one show to another. Naturally, owners of such automobiles like to show them off, and going to car shows is completely understandable.

I would show off our family Lada now, only if I knew it would mean so much in the years to come. This leads me to the only possible thought – that we have to take care not only of the people but also the things we love. We have to do our best to preserve the most important relationships in our life, whether it is with a person or a car.

Classic car transport is a breeze with Corsia Logistics

Do you love classic cars? We’d be thrilled to hear your story in the comments below. And if you ever need to take your classic beauty to a show or bring a new addition to your collection from out-of-state, Corsia Logistics would be happy to arrange auto transport for you.


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