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Average Auto Transport Rates – August 2013

Average Auto Transport Rates – August 2013

Auto transport costs depend on a few major factors. Customers are always concerned first with the costs to ship a car. The distance and the make and model of the vehicle affect the hauling costs. Then there are a few other elements playing a role in the price formation.

To learn more please read “How much does it cost to ship a car.” You will fin all factors affecting the prices in that article.

Every year seasonal fluctuations, such as the snowbirds moving to the South, affect the auto transport prices. Thousands of people relocate to the warmer states for the winter and this affects the demand for auto transport services. Most of the “snowbirds” ship their vehicles to the South and then back north to their permanent homes. The snowbirds season usually starts the end of September each year and ends with the coming of the spring in the North. Visit our snowbirds vehicle shipping service section and call us for specials!

Auto transport estimates for small sedan:


  1. Los Angeles to Chicago          $ 850
  2. Los Angeles to New York      $1150
  3. Boston to Miami                       $750
  4. Seattle to Los Angeles            $500
  5. Chicago to San Francisco      $850
  6. Chicago to New York              $500


The average auto transport rates are estimates only for August 2013 and they may change. Auto shipping rates also vary by company. Smaller companies like Corsia Logistics can often offer more affordable rates. Call 818.850.5258 for free quote or request one online.


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