Auto transport myths busted

January 6, 2014
Vasilka Atanasova
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Myths do exist in the auto transport industry. And what is a myth? It is a common misconception we may believe to be true because other people do.

However, we should never assume things. The assumption is not based on facts. We should do some research and check facts before deeming something as true or false. And when it comes to myths about auto transport, the easiest thing is to contact the company and ask questions.

In this post, we’ll expose some popular misconceptions about car shipping and share useful information to help you navigate the world of auto transport. Ready? Let’s get some auto transport myths busted.

What are the most common auto transport myths?

Myth #1: Terminal to terminal transport is cheaper than door-to-door!

When you have never shipped a car before you simply don’t know what is true. But we will tell you. The most cost-effective method of auto transport is the door-to-door service. The fact is that terminal-to-terminal shipping might save gas and money to the carrier, but not to the customer.

Terminals often charge an additional fee to keep your car in storage until you pick it up. Moreover, you have to get to the terminal somehow. It implies additional driving and costs, and often these terminals are in the outskirts of the city. Consequently, door-to-door car shipping is cheaper than terminal to terminal.

Myth #2: Shipping to terminals increases the chance of delays

This is a fast debunk. Terminal-to-terminal auto transport does not delay shipping. The delivery time depends completely on the customers’ availability to pick up their car from the terminal.

Myth #3: Avoid auto transport brokers and only deal with carriers

This is just some of the most ridiculous advice. Many companies are both carriers and brokers, but most often companies are either carriers or brokers.

Most carriers on the road are independent owner-operators and their job is transporting your vehicle, not doing marketing, sales, and customer service. They do not have the time to deal with customers besides quick calls some hours before pick up and delivery and doing the necessary inspection.

Dealing with a car shipping carrier could mean no customer relations department. It could turn your auto transport experience into a challenge when you don’t know where your car is because carriers are busy driving instead of answering the phone.

Also, keep in mind that carrier companies have a limited number of trucks covering certain regions, and when their capacity is filled, they can’t offer you the dates you desire. Just like in many other industries, the broker is the necessary piece in the puzzle. Check out auto transport broker vs. carrier for more details.

Car shipping cost and delivery time are what most customers care about. And this is where a broker will help you. Sure a carrier will offer other dates and try to accommodate your needs, but a broker can find just what you need at the time you need it. The auto transport broker company will serve your needs and have all of your questions answered. Brokers provide you with terms and conditions and with all the information you need upfront.

Myth #4: Vehicle transport cost depends only on the distance

False. A few major factors affect the car shipping cost – distance, vehicle make and model, whether the car is operable or not, the type of transport – open or enclosed, modifications to the vehicle, accessibility of the final destination, and mainly demand and supply situation. So, when looking to ship a car think about all those factors when it comes to prices.

The distance is a major factor, but not the only one. Shipping your car to a rural location would cost you more because the carrier has to go off the major highway. Also, if you are not flexible with the shipping dates, and need exact dates, it will cost you more. Also, car shipping cost depends on current fuel prices meaning auto transport rates fluctuate.

Myth #5: It takes more time to ship than to drive the car myself

That is our favorite myth. Many people across the country think that it would be cheaper and faster to drive their car to wherever they are moving. If you are moving nearby, to a location about 200 miles away, driving is certainly fine and probably cheaper. However, for distances exceeding 200 miles, shipping is usually a better option.

Let’s say you are shipping a car from Boston to Florida. Just think about all the miles you have to drive. Think about the time off work, factor in hotel, gas, and food. And finally, consider the unnecessary wear and tear on your vehicle. Compare the final amount to a car shipping quote and you’ll see that you will not be saving much. In fact, you may even pay more to drive your car than shipping it. Shipping a car saves you money, miles, and stress.

Now you have it. All the myths debunked. Are there any other myths you are aware of? Let us know in the comments below. And don’t forget to check the 7 facts about auto transport, because the more you know, the better your car shipping experience is.

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