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Auto Transport Los Angeles to Seattle

Auto Transport Los Angeles to Seattle

Moving to Seattle is big step, but certainly an exciting one. Seattle is probably one of the most beautiful cities in the US. It has a lot to offer and the quality of life is higher than most other cities. Whether you will live in or around the city, it will be different than Los Angeles. First you will notice that the climate is different, it is more humid and native Los Angelinoes will notice right away. However, you will also feel a lot of stress drifting away from you. Because Seattle is much less congested than Los Angeles. Daily commute and errands running will be much easier. We love Los Angeles, but Seattle has a special place in our hearts.

Once you have decided you are moving, you will need to prepare your household and organize it with a moving company. You will also need to think about shipping your car to Seattle. You may decide to drive, but a better option is always to ship it with an auto transport company.

What options do I have when shipping a car from Los Angeles to Seattle?

In general, you will have three options. One is to drive your car there. It is not a bad option if you have time to spend on the road. The other two options are to book a drive-away service or to hire a full-service auto transport company.

If you choose to book a drive-away service, you need to make sure you obtain a record of the driver’s history and background check. It is a must when you opt to let some other driver behind the wheel of your car. Whether you are driving, or someone else, keep in mind all those extra miles you will add to your odometer. Isn’t it better to save them for your next road trip or all those mini trips around Seattle?

A better option is always to hire a full service auto transport company. Many people often think it is more expensive than driving themselves, but in most cases that is not true. A reputable auto transport company will always work with you on the price and give you a few options when it comes to service and time of shipping that often determines the price.

Corsia Logistics will explain the car transport process and recommend the right auto transport service. We work with dependable auto transport carriers, experienced in the vehicle shipping who will handle your automobile with care. Our experience, expertise and personalized service guarantees to accommodate your demands for safe, fast and secure auto transport.

And before you decide whether or not hiring an auto transporter is for you, let’s look into the factors that affect car shipping prices.

What does auto transport cost?

Auto transport from Los Angeles to Seattle could cost anywhere from $600 up to $1000 for a small sedan. The costs depend on the car’s make and model, modifications, type of transport and whether you choose open or enclosed auto transport, as well as exact pick up and delivery locations. Seasonality, or demand and supply, also affects the auto transport prices.

Check out the average vehicle transport cost and keep in mind that rates may vary by company so think about all those rates you are getting online. Don’t be lured by the lowest auto transport price. Keep in mind that large companies charge more money for the same service smaller companies can offer. Auto transport is not a cheap service in general, yet there is no need to pay more.

Higher demand usually means more expensive service. On most routes the demand can peak at any time and daily tracking of such fluctuation is important for accurate pricing and timely shipping. Carriers prefer loads (vehicles in our case) that pay a realistic market price. Anything lower than the current market rate means that you will have to wait longer for a carrier to agree to pick-up your vehicle.

On the other hand, when the demand is low customers usually benefit from lower prices. At Corsia Logistics we provide our customers with fair and realistic car shipping prices. We call our prices the golden mean. Prices that are fair to the car shipping carriers and to the customers as well.

To achieve this, we track demand and supply fluctuations manually on the national dispatch boards. We do not use car shipping price calculator, because automated quotes do not reflect the most current market conditions affected. Some major factors that affect car shipping prices change daily, making it practically impossible for preset software to produce an accurate estimate.

What type of transport carrier can I choose from?

When it comes to carrier type you can choose between open and enclosed auto transport carrier services. Whether you choose one or the other that will affect the final price of shipping your vehicle from Los Angeles to Seattle.

Enclosed auto transport is recommended for classic, sports and luxury vehicles because it offers extra protection from weather and road elements. It costs more but it is worth it when you need complete protection from road and weather elements. Moreover, the drivers of the enclosed trucks are well trained on how to handle high-end vehicles.

Open transport carrier is the most popular method of shipping an automobile. It is a preferred method for all kinds of vehicles. Most of the carriers in the US are open and this means it is always faster to arrange for an open carrier to pick-up and deliver your car.

How long does it take to ship a car from Los Angeles to Seattle?

Shipping a car from Los Angeles to Seattle takes about 3 to 5 days. However, shipping a vehicle incorporates much more than simply traveling defined number of miles. Weather, traffic and truck failures can often delay a shipment.

Before booking with an auto transport company:

  1. Check their USDOT and FMCSA numbers – you want to make sure the company is compliant with government regulations.
  2. Inquire about the company’s cargo insurance policy, whether it’s existent and what it covers.
  3. And last, but not least, ask for references and read online reviews for other customers’ experiences.

Reviews are important factor because they tell you about the service you can expect to receive. Just keep in mind that reviews should not be the decisive factor. The best thing you can do is call the company and ask questions.

At Corsia Logistics, we take pride in our very personalized service. When you call, we encourage you to ask questions, because we want you to make informed decisions. Corsia Logistics offers realistic car shipping rates that will move your vehicle from point A to point B. If you would like to learn more about the auto transport services please browse our website and blog and contact us with any questions.

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