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Your car smells. Is it time for a deep cleaning?

Your car smells. Is it time for a deep cleaning?

If you drive your car everyday then you know that sometimes your car smells. I know many of us refuse to admit it, but that is the truth. You get in with dirty shoes, you buy chicken empanadas and pizza for takeout, and probably your pets ride with you sometimes. And boy if you smoke then it gets even worse. So, imagine the mixture of smells your car seats and floor mats absorb. The resulting smell can become quite spectacular over time.

Therefore, you have to clean your car and remove the smell.

How do we do that?

  • If you smoke I would say don’t smoke in your car people. The smell of cigarettes is unhealthy not just for you, but for everyone else, especially kids.
  • If you have a pet, I would suggest don’t let it ride with you. Just take it out for a walk, it’s healthier anyway for both of you.
  • Now, if you have kids … well you don’t have a choice right! Just make sure you clean after them every time they spill something otherwise the smells will accumulate.
  • One last thing, if you are doing this …

… you probably shouldn’t!

How do we remove smells in the car? Suggestions:

1.The first thing to do is probably just regular cleaning. Vacuum your car and clean the dashboard, windshield, back and side windows. Spray with an air freshener and hung a car air freshener. If there is still a smell after that, then you should take it for a deep wash. That is my personal preference. The best way is to take it to a professional cleaning services, they will steam clean it. This should make the car smells fresh and it will actually be clean.

2.Now, second suggestion based on opinions collected from around the web is to use baking soda. You just sprinkle around baking soda and let it stay and soak in the smells and then vacuum. Another thing with the soda is to put a bowl of it and let it stay overnight. I also read that you can basically scrub spots with a wet towel as the soda not only eliminates smells but cleans just like when you use it in your home.

3.Some have also suggested using charcoal to remove smells. Charcoal is probably one of the best substances to absorb smells. Don’t forget that people use for cleansing the stomach after poisoning and also teeth brushing for whitening.  Just grab a piece of charcoal and leave it in the car for a few days to absorb the smells.

4.A god way to make the car smells nice is to use some natural air fresheners. If you enjoy the smell of coffee like I do, then put a small container of ground coffee in the car and soon the smell of coffee will settle in the car. You can also use vanilla as a scent – simply put a few drops on a piece of cotton or cotton balls and leave it in the car. Some people prefer natural citrus oils, so, you can do that as well, just use a few drops on a piece of cotton and leave it in the car. You can actually cut the piece of fabric in the shape of a flower and hang it on the mirror!

Some people also suggest that you spray air freshener in the vents. I am not sure about that, but you can try it if you want.

You can even try this – make an herbal bundle and voila your auto smells like a garden!

Now, have a happy road trip and enjoy your perfumed and clean car. If you have any other suggestion to remove smells from a car please, share with us in the comments. Thanks!



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