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Being a student is an amazing experience. It is something unique to everyone and often a defining time when you set the course for your entire life journey.

students car shipping

But aside from the life-changing experience, there are some practical aspects to your student’s life that you have to consider. Such as moving and shipping a car.

Here in the States, we easily come to depend on our vehicles, and moving away for college usually means you will need to take your car with you. The idea of making a road trip out of it sounds enticing to some – to embark on a thousand-mile-long trip would be adventurous! For some, that sounds fun, but statistics show that it is closer to disaster.

But in order to be completely convinced that shipping your car is the right choice, here are the questions we will answer for you:

 – Why should I ship my vehicle and not drive it myself?

 – Is there some other option aside from auto transport?

 – How do I actually go about shipping my car?

How It Works

Corsia Team is here to guide you through the process of shipping a car.

Bring to the table win-win survival strategies to ensure domination.


Bring to the table win-win survival strategies to ensure domination.


Bring to the table win-win survival strategies to ensure domination.

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A lot of people enjoy driving. It is an experience that can give us some of those little thrills we look for in life. So, for many young people driving is pure enjoyment. Feeling the car accelerate, making it go wherever you want sure is something remarkable. It feels as if you are taking the wheel and steering the direction of your life with your own two hands.

And while it may all sound amazing, after the first two hours of driving, these feelings go away. Driving becomes onerous. The truth is that long trips are usually very exhausting. And actually going through with that long of a drive requires quite a lot of preparation. You have to consider your rest stops (because these are a must), where you will sleep if the trip is longer than a day, among other things.

What we described above may sound like an adventure to some. After all, the infamous road trips are something most students want to experience. But people who have been there and have done that will tell you that trip is nothing that great. Instead, it is tiresome, takes too long of a time, and is just plain boring. Driving for 10 hours on end will kill the joy out of the whole thing.

To save yourself all that hassle you can simply ship your car to college. Corsia Logistics offers a student’s discount, so, you can get your car to wherever you want in the country. If the distance is more than 200 miles, after doing the math yourself, it will likely end up costing you less to ship your car than to drive it.

Perhaps we have convinced you that driving your vehicle across the country may not be the most exciting thing you have always imagined. But you are still not sure about auto transport?

While car shipping is indeed the service preferred by most businesses and individuals, there are still some other options you can explore.

If you are looking for a different service altogether, you can look to hire a driver. While auto transport takes your vehicle on a carrier and delivers it without any driving, that is obviously not the case here.

The professional driver will just take your place behind the wheel. But the car will still be driven across the country. Are you comfortable with allowing an unknown person to do that for you? If not, perhaps you should look elsewhere.

Another option is to simply ask a friend or relative to drive your car. But that does not really change your situation all that much. Your car will still have to go through a check before going on such a long trip. Wear and tear will also become a thing, especially when you are expected to drive your ride every day when you are at campus. If you do not want your vehicle to break down on you there, perhaps anyone driving it is not the way to go.

We know you are a student, and you are likely looking for the best deal. But do not compromise the integrity of your vehicle. Instead, make use of our student’s car shipping discount! With it, your car will be safe and sound as we conveniently deliver it to you.

How do I actually go about shipping my car?

Here at Corsia Logistics, the entire process is extremely simple. We do not want to waste your entire time in just figuring out how to actually purchase our services.

The first step to ship your vehicle is to actually request a quote. That is done easily through our online quote form, or by simply contacting us through our phone number – (818) 850-5258. From then we will require some information about your destination and vehicle just to be able to give you an estimated price with the included student’s discount.

After you have booked the services, we will go about scheduling your pickup date. We cannot give you an exact pickup date or delivery time at the very beginning, due to the nature of the service. We encourage you to read more about that in our post on how long it takes to ship a car. However, we do our best to fit your needs as closely as possible.

Before your car gets picked up, you should prepare it for shipping. It is a simple process, with some straightforward steps. You should ideally have no more than a quarter of your gas tank full. Any dangling things or personal items in your car should be taken out.

At the pickup date, before the car actually gets loaded, the carrier driver will inspect the car together with you and list any pre-existing damages, if there are any. You will need to put your signature down on the inspection report, or Bill of Lading. Never sign a blank or incomplete document. After the inspection is complete, your vehicle gets loaded and delivered wherever you want!

At delivery, perform another inspection alongside the carrier to confirm your vehicle has arrived intact. Take this step seriously, since this will be your only chance to report any damages and file an insurance claim.

That pretty much covers the car shipping process. For more details about it, we encourage you to browse our website. If you prefer the human touch, do not hesitate to pick up the phone and call us. We are always ready to answer your questions because we want you to make educated decisions.

And remember our student’s discount. You do not have to pay a large amount of money just to have your car with you when you go to college!

Car shipping discount for students

Book your auto transport service with us and take advantage of our students auto transport discount. Spend the saved money on something else you need for school. Don’t drive across the country. Reserve your auto transport with Corsia Logistics and we will take care of your vehicle. Request a car shipping quote online, our agents will call you to arrange the dates and book your spot. You will have your car ready to help you learn just when you need it! Whether you are shipping an everyday car or an exotic or sports car (lucky you!), we will help you with open or enclosed auto transport. When shipping a standard vehicle most people use open car transport carrier. If your car is very special do not hesitate to request an enclosed carrier. Our agents will explain the differences and help you choose the best option for your vehicle and budget.