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What Is The Cheapest Corvette?

What Is The Cheapest Corvette?

Corvette. Undoubtedly the most iconic American sports car. Love it or hate it. But for many, this car is love at a first ride. The acceleration, the smell of exhaust, the engine sound reverberating through the body can turn even the most boring ride around a block into an exciting jaunt. There is just something about Corvettes that no matter how much you try to find reasons not to like them, you can’t help but fall in love with them.

In a 2015 series of Top Gear, Jeremy Clarkson reviewed the Audi R8, and the Corvette ZR1 and put them against each other in the motoring equivalent of the Ryder Cup. Clarkson admitted that he loved driving the Corvette ZR1. And who wouldn’t? Vettes have a reputation for being good everyday cars as well as weekend track toys.

Admit it! You would love to own a Corvette, but the price might be scaring you off. Worry no more! There are plenty of Corvettes out there that won’t hurt your wallet!

What Is The Cheapest Corvette?

The (in)famous C4. For years it carried the stigma of the most unprofitable generation in the history of America’s favorite sports car. Today, earlier C4 models are old enough to be called “classic”, and the affordable price makes them some of the most sought after Corvettes. You can own a C4 for just under $15K, or even under $5K in some cases, with 84/88 C4 Coupe usually being the least expensive of all. Which makes this model an ideal first Corvette.

C4 Coupe SPECS

Looks like we’ve got a winner! C4 Coupe is the cheapest Corvette you can find today!

  • 5.7L V8
  • Manual 4-Speed
  • 13 city / 20 hwy
  • Gasoline powered
  • RWD

1984 C4 Coupe features leather seats, power front seat, power windows, ABS, cruise control, and 230 to 250 horsepower. If you are looking for a collectible value as well, then you may want to skip this particular model: the 1984-1988 models are not considered collectibles.

C4 Vette is a bargain sports car. Ask any seasoned gearhead. Just don’t compare apples to oranges. Don’t expect the same performance from C4 as you would from the 2000s models. Juxtapose it to other sports cars the 80s, and you’ll end up with a sweet ride. And here’s proof. In 1984, the C4 stunned the racing world winning 19 races in 19 starts. For four years straight, C4 took every race in SCCA series: from Playboy Challenge to the Escort GT Endurance Series.

Based on today’s standards, the C4 Vette may not be a speed demon but it handles well, and the parts availability is brilliant. So if you are looking for a speed track toy, then equip your C4 with an LS 376 engine with your choice of transmission, upgrade suspension and brakes, and you’ll end up with a bargain supercar that could easily break the 200 mph barrier.

As to why the C4 is so cheap? The most obvious answer would be – supply and demand. During almost 13 years of production, Chevrolet built quite a few of them. So we can speculate that the demand for 20+-year-old sports cars with an 80’s stigma hasn’t really aligned with the supply yet.

A Brief History of C4

Chevrolet designed C4 in the early 80s. But the prototypes had a lot of quality issues, which delayed the fourth generation of Corvettes until 1984. 44 prototypes were built before the car had officially been presented to the public. Prototype number “23” is the only survivor out of the bunch and is now housed at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green.

The year 1984 was the second-largest production run in the entire history of Corvette – over 51,000 C4 Corvettes produced. And C4 was the first one hundred percent new Corvette model since 1963. It was a big deal back then. Possibly the most technologically advanced car of that time. A wedge-shaped beauty with a true targa-top that boasted a union of luxury and futurism on the inside. And we have Jerry Palmer to thank for that.

During the ’84-’88 period the C4 prices were going up. Nevertheless, it didn’t stop Americans from buying the model, hence increasing the demand. The very last C4 Corvette, according to the Editors of Consumer Guide (2003), was produced on June 20, 1996. The C4 engine power kept increasing: from 205 horsepower in 1984 to 230 horsepower the year after, reaching up to 250 horsepower by 1992.

Despite its stigma, the C4 still manages to find its way to the hearts of the gear heads, onto American driveways, and racing tracks. It offers the mystique of a high-performance car at a price accessible to the average income buyer. It’s durable, practical, inexpensive to repair, and fun to drive.

If you ever decide to buy this attention-grabber, you will not only have a car that represents the American Dream, but also a unique ownership experience and a piece of American history. Although the car does not have a high collectible value, it is for sure something you can pass down the generations.

Shipping a Corvette

If you found your perfect C4, or any other Corvette model somewhere out of state and need to bring it home, consider hiring a professional auto transporter. The process is rather simple and once you understand how auto transport works, you’ll find the service is well worth the money. You can easily arrange the shipment from the comfort of your home or office.

Learn how to ship a Corvette. Get in touch with Corsia Logistics. Fill out an online quote request, chat with one of our logistics experts, or call us at (818) 850-5258. We offer auto transport across all 50 states. And we’ll be happy to help you choose the best option for your Corvette.

Shipping your Corvette with Corsia Logistics is a breeze

Still not sure whether you should buy a Corvette? Maybe this post will help you decide if America’s favorite sports car is right for you. Considering other brands? Make sure to check out our list of affordable classic cars for sale.

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