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A used luxury car or a new Kia?

A used luxury car or a new Kia?

It would have been really easy to make this choice if it was only a matter of price. But what do you do when things such as the desired status of prestige or the smell of brand new leather come in the picture? Not so easy any more, we know. Here is a quick fact to make it even harder for you: A recent survey showed that drivers spend 4.3 years of their lives behind the wheel. And for that time they can cover the distance to the Moon and back 3 times!


Now… would you like to travel to the Moon in a used S-class Mercedes-Benz or a brand new KIA Optima, or Toyota Corolla for that matter? This is the question.


To help you choose how to spend these four years of your life in the best way, we provide you with the keystones you need to consider before choosing between a new compact and a used luxury vehicle. Read these before you pack your bags to the Moon:

  • Warranty. Keep in mind that a used luxury vehicle at the price level of a new compact car is usually way past its warranty period. This means that any repairs that may occur along the way will have to be paid separately. Sometimes the total cost of repairs may still make the used luxury car the cheaper choice. However, high-end brands may cost you the after-work drinks for several months.
  • Gadgets. If you are one of these people that like having “toys for big guys” in their cars, you might be better off with a mid-level new car. The second-hand luxurious model would be sleek and stylish on the outside, but the latest technologies would most likely be missing. Smartphone integration, streaming audio are great entertainment on the road, but don’t forget safety additions, too – the increase number of airbags and better crumple zones.
  • Comfort. Probably your top reason for buying a used luxury car. Driving for hours on the highway could be unbelievably annoying, but wouldn’t it be better if you have massaging seats, for example? Or how about being able to start the engine remotely before you even get to the car? Not to say the heat of warmth surrounding your neck thanks to the Mercedes’s AirScarf. It is like a real spa center on the road!
  • Fuel Efficiency. With the development of new environmental regulations, we see more and more eco-friendly cars coming to the market. The EPA reports that today consumers have an increasing number of high fuel-economy vehicle choices and nearly every manufacturer decreased CO₂ emissions in the past years. You can easily afford a new green car that is both taking care of your fuel spending and the environment. The larger and more powerful engine of a luxury brand, however, won’t help you cut on fuel.
  • Depreciation. Just like with any used car, the first owner suffers most of the depreciation. After all, as soon as you go out of the dealer’s with your new car, it’s already lost tons of its original value. According to Edmunds, you lose 60% of your car’s value in only 5 years, and the steepest decline happen right away. Hence, this one goes in support of a used luxury car.
  • Status. No debate there. If you are going for the Harvey Specter look, you will definitely need a Lexus LS460 even if it’s a used one. The limited use of a second-hand luxury automobile, will get you not only exclusivity, but also a low mileage. Others may not even notice the car has been used before. And to top that – some girls will automatically find their dream guy in you. Just because of the car.
  • Customization. Today, with technology exceeding the boundaries of imagination, you can even have your dream car put together especially for you. Yes, that may cost you a little more than the luxury of a used BMW 7-series, but you know it’s your own creation. If you decide to let your mind go wild, make sure you check the insurance policies for a custom-made car.


Looking back at our guidelines, you could say we already made the choice for you. If you are to spend over four years of your life in your car, better do it in a new car that keeps you safe and entertained, and also protects your wallet in the long run. And maybe you could invest in prestige in other areas of life as well – enjoy a luxury vacation in Cancun or get that Swiss watch you’ve always dreamed of!

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