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What is top load auto transport

What is top load auto transport

Auto transport offers various services. Top load is one of them. At Corsia Logistics, we strive to provide our clients with clear and useful information about all of our services.

What is top load auto transport? How it compares to regular single-car carrier service?

By understanding the benefits of each service, you will know whether it is the right one for you. Still, if you are not certain, remember that you can always reach out and call or email us. Our team is ready to guide you through our auto transport process. But now let’s see what top load transport is all about!

What is top load auto transport?

Car shipping services come with plenty of different options depending on the needs of each client. That being said, the most common form is open auto transport. These carriers represent about 90% of all auto transport trucks in the US. They are the ones you usually see on the highway.

The majority of these carriers come with two decks. Single deck trucks exist as well, but they are less common mainly due to lower load capacity. And here is where top load transport comes into play.

It means that by paying a bit more you will be reserving a spot on the upper level.

You may get a top spot by chance, but it is not a given. In many cases that is perfectly fine – your car will be safe either way. However, there are several reasons why you may want to consider reserving a place on the top deck.

What are the benefits of top load transport?

It is no secret that US roads are not exactly the cleanest places on Earth. You do not have to spend a lot of time on a highway to know that dust, dirt, and rubble can definitely be an issue.

Of course, it is nothing serious, but at the very least it can leave your car in need of a good wash. At the worst though? A properly angled rubble piece can scratch a car, make a dent, or even chip a windshield.

Of course, with our services, your car is insured against such damages. And they are not frequent occurrences anyway. However, paying a bit more for top load transport can give you peace of mind. It would just be much harder for debris to reach your car up top.

Aside from that, there are other benefits to top load transport as well. For example, there will be no other cars above yours. It is not usually an issue, but certain older vehicles can have fluid leaks.

While we do not allow cars with obvious leaks on our carriers, sometimes they can still occur during transport. They will likely not damage the finish of your car, but can definitely be a hassle to clean up later.

Keep in mind that the incidents described are rare. They may never be a problem for you, even if you ship cars on a regular basis. That being said, if you are transporting a vehicle of higher value (like a luxury or classic car), it makes sense to pay a bit more just to be sure. Which leads us to the next point!

Do you always have to pay more for top load transport?

We have to say that paying for top load transport is completely optional in most cases. As we have pointed out, your car can end up on the top deck anyway. That is why the cost of reserving a spot there is not substantial in the first place. Nevertheless, sometimes reserving a top spot is mandatory.

If you have a car that is bigger, it may not be able to fit on the lower deck. Clearance issues like that one would require to have your vehicle placed on the top deck. Do not worry though, we will inform you about that when you request a free car shipping quote from us. We will include the reserved spot in our offer if your car does not meet our clearance standards.

You should also know that top load transport is not always the best choice. Here at Corsia Logistics, we ship expensive luxury models and classic vehicles on a regular basis. Understandably, these vehicles are extremely valuable. While they can definitely be shipped on the top platform of an open carrier, there are options with even better protection for such occasions. Let’s take a look at them below!

How does top load transport compare to other premium services?

You already know that top load transport has its benefits. However, it also has some of the limitations that come with open carriers. That is why we provide a couple of other services for luxury auto transport that go one step further.

The first such option is enclosed auto transport. In essence, these are carriers with enclosed trailers that still fit several vehicles. Being enclosed means not only that your car will be completely protected from rubble and dirt, but it will be kept safe from the elements as well.

Enclosed car carriers can have two decks just as open transport. You should not worry about leaks though. The cars on these carriers are usually in great condition overall. They are either newer, or classics that have gone through proper maintenance and repairs.

That being said, there are a couple of drawbacks to this service. Since this type of auto transport is much less common, it is also more expensive. Additionally, you may also have to wait longer for your car to get picked up due to the supply and demand situation. If you want a speedier service though, there is one final option.

The best way to transport a luxury or classic vehicle is by getting our single car carrier service. With it, your car will be loaded on a special enclosed trailer with no other vehicles on it. The carrier will pick up the car and deliver it wherever you want it without wasting time on additional pickups along the way. All these benefits make this service excellent if you have to transport a car in a timely manner for something like a show, for example.

Which service is right for you?

Our main goal at Corsia Logistics is to provide the best service we can to our clients. That also includes giving them an honest recommendation. So here it is: if you are only looking for a way to ship your daily driver, top load transport is a great option. Of course, you can also request regular transport without saving up a spot. Still, for most people, our top load benefits are worth the small price increase.

On the other hand, enclosed transport and single car carriers may be overly expensive for such a case. However, they are an obvious pick for a car of greater value, especially if you are transporting it for a show or an exhibition.

If you have more questions about our services, we are here to answer them. Just call us and we will discuss your car shipping options!

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