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Shipping a Luxury Car Guide

Shipping a Luxury Car Guide

Valuing luxury means to appreciate design, quality, comfort, attention to detail and more. A Porsche may be classy, but not if it is beaten up. For this reason, you should not approach shipping a luxury car the same way you would any other daily commuter vehicle. In this quick guide we will cover things you need to know about transporting such an automobile.

How to ship a luxury car?

The first thing to spring to mind may be driving the car wherever you want to go. This is not shipping, per se, but you have a vehicle, it can run, so naturally it feels you should drive it. But should you? It depends on whether you want a road trip or not. It also depends on how long the trip would be and whether you believe your luxury vehicle is made for such activity. Most owners of such vehicle prefer to book a luxury auto transport service instead. It gives you peace of mind as you avoid any wear and tear due to long-distance driving.

Luxury cars are expensive and require extra care. You need a reputable auto transport company to have a peace of mind.


Review our luxury car transport guide and contact our team now.

Shipping a luxury car, as well as a sports or classic vehicle, can be done in one of two ways: via open or enclosed transport. Let us explore each of those below!

What is the best auto transport for luxury vehicles?

open auto transport sinlge level multi car carrier


When most people look to ship a car, they pick the open transport option. It costs less, in general, and is usually faster than enclosed. Higher truck availability makes it quicker to find a spot on one of those carriers. Plus, such carriers are often bigger, fitting up to ten cars at once.

That being said, the upsides of open transport come at a cost. Namely, it exposes your car to bad weather and road debris. While this rarely poses a problem, luxury car owners prefer not to deal with such things. Open transport still makes for a safe option, but not for cars you want to arrive squeaky clean.


enclosed car carrier


Then you have enclosed auto transport. This is a preferred shipping method for sports, luxury, and classic vehicles. It provides the best protection from weather, debris, dirt and dust. Such protections certainly means higher shipping price. Additionally, this option can also be a bit slower because due to fewer enclosed car carriers in the country.

Some other factors contribute to the increased price as well. For instance, enclosed trailers cost more to buy and maintain. And since they usually carry high-end cargo, they need an insurance liability often up to a million dollars, which translates to a hefty monthly fee. Still, even with an increased fee, it is the go-to choice when shipping a luxury car.

Corsia Logistics transports sports and luxury vehicles nationwide on a daily basis. Call us now to speak to a logistics coordinator. We will explain the shipping process and answer all questions.

How much does it cost to ship a luxury car?

The cost of shipping a vehicle could vary, based on different factors. It can reach more than $2000 if shipping to Hawaii, Alaska or internationally. Even so, here at Corsia Logistics we never give out a flat fee, because we want to be fair with our clients. We always tailor the price to their specific needs. Here is what we take into account:

– Shipping distance

– Vehicle make and model, as well as any modifications

– Vehicle condition: operable or inoperable

– Type of carrier: open or enclosed

– Current supply/demand situation

Understanding the process and the cost will help you make and educated decision. Do not choose a shipping service solely based on the price. Low prices often mean longer waiting times, or even failure to ship at all.

So far it may look like shipping a luxury car costs a fortune and requires a lot of effort. However, choosing the right auto transporter will make the whole process a breeze. Start planning your luxury car transport early, and don’t shy away from asking questions. Relevant and timely information is the key to good decision making.

One of our goal at Corsia Logistics is to provide all the necessary information to make an educated decision. You can talk to our support team to get answers to any questions you might have. We understand our niche, so we can walk you through the process without an issue. Should you decide to start the process with us, we will stay in touch with you from pick-up to delivery of your luxury automobile.

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