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Car Transport from New York to Miami Guide

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Hiring a professional auto transport company will also be your best option when you have more than one vehicle or your car doesn’t run under its own power. Request a car shipping quote now.

New York winters are brutal. Carrying some 20 pounds of layers of clothes and hats, and scarves, and gloves, and boots can get quite uncomfortable. And then those blizzards that sometimes keep you hostage for days. Then come slushy puddles, and you have to pull all kinds of anti-slush maneuvers navigating the streets of the city. Until that one day you have enough of it all and decide that decide to move away to the warmest state.

You are ready to trade the magic of the White Christmas and the making of snow angels for Florida’s glorious beaches. And if you are not eager to give up the big city life completely, Miami is the place to be.

Rumor has it many New Yorkers secretly want to live in Miami. And statistics show that more people move to Florida from New York than from any other state. But cold weather is not the only reason New Yorkers flock to the Sunshine State. In the last few years, Florida has seen tremendous economic growth which equates to many new transplants. Another major reason is the clean air and affordable real estate prices.

Some New Yorkers move to the Magic City only for the winter, while others decide to stay there for good. And whether it’s a short or long-term stay, you know you’ll need a car there. The big question is “How do you move your car from New York to Miami?”

What are my options to ship a car from New York to Miami?

The very first option that comes to mind is to hop in and drive. The driving distance between the two cities is 1,277 miles. If time is of no essence, you like to travel at your own pace, and enjoy sights and scenery along the way, consider driving from Miami to New York. But what if that’s not your case? Planning a long and untimely road trip in the midst of moving can be quite stressful.

Of course, you could ask someone a friend or a family member to drive your vehicle all the way to the Magic City. But let’s be realistic, that’s not going to be easy to arrange considering the busy life everyone has in New York City.

You could find someone on Craigslist and hire them to take your vehicle to Miami. You’d have to check their driving record, ask for references, and draft a contract detailing each party’s responsibilities. You also have to insist that the contract describes who is liable for the costs of potential mechanical failures or any other delays or damages.

You can opt for drive-away service company, whose primary purpose is to match cars with drivers. Potential drivers have to comply with age requirements and have clean driving record. You can even request a professional driver. Yet, that doesn’t take away the fact that a complete stranger will be operating your car for the entire stretch of 1,277 miles.

The best option usually is to hire an auto transport company. The only time your car will be driven is to get it on and off a trailer, and to make space for other vehicles. You won’t have to worry about your car being in the best shape for a road trip, or about any wear and tear, or someone you don’t know driving your car.

How does auto transport work?

In the auto transport industry, a customer competes with other customers for a spot on the carrier, which means that higher paying vehicles will ship first. That is why we say that manually tracking the supply/demand situation is the best way to provide a current market price that will ensure quality and timely transport.

A low rate means a longer wait because carriers want to receive realistic rates for their services. So, in a sense, the carriers determine the prices because they know best how much they need to be paid at a certain time, for a certain route, for a specific vehicle.

The price depends not only on your vehicle make and model, but on distance, seasonality, and type of transport, but also supply/demand situation. If the carrier is almost fully loaded and has a spot for only a small vehicle, and this happens to be your vehicle, then you might get a cheaper rate because this is something the carrier needs right now and they may need it urgently in order to get fully loaded.

How to prepare my car for shipping?

Once you’ve made all the necessary arrangements with the car transporter, it’s time to prepare your vehicle for shipping.

  1. Make sure your car is running and can get on the trailer under its own power. Otherwise, it has to be booked as non-running, and special equipment should be used for loading/unloading. Shipping an inoperable vehicle involves extra charges. Check your car with a mechanic to make sure there are no fluid leaks, the breaks are working properly, and the tires are fully inflated.
  2. Treat your vehicle to a good wash – inside and out. It’ll make it much easier to spot any irregularities with your car during the pre-loading inspection. Take detailed photos to document what your car looked like before shipment.
  3. Secure or remove any spoilers, ski or bike racks, and other detachable elements. These can damage yours or even someone else’s vehicle during transport. Also, make sure that convertible tops and windows are secured properly.
  4. Disable all car alarms or provide your shipper with the detailed instructions on how to disconnect the alarm, in case it goes off. Make sure to inform the carrier about any other peculiarities with your car. It includes anything that might interfere with safe loading, transport, and unloading of your vehicle.
  5. Don’t leave the gas tank more than ¼ full.

As you can see, car shipping isn’t at all complicated. You just need to find the company you’ll be able to trust, such as us. Ask around for first-hand recommendations, then read our customer reviews online

Pick up the phone and call, get online and chat, send an e-mail with questions. Employ your intuition. The good company will be transparent about the entire process. They understand that auto transport is a business built on trust and will do their best to win yours over.

Whether you are moving a Lamborghini, or your every day Honda, we provide professional and affordable auto transport. Call our team now or get a quote online.

Why hire Corsia Logistics to transport your vehicle between New York and Miami?

Shipping a vehicle requires a great amount of communication and attention to details. We are good at both. Just read what our customers have to say about us, and see for yourself. We love what we do, and our small team works very hard every day to provide every customer with the best options based on specific requirements. We take time to explain how the auto transport process works, step by step, because we want you to make an educated choice.

The price will always be the most reasonable and the rate will reflect the real supply and demand situation on this route. Our prices are manual – we do not use any software (car shipping quote calculators). Corsia Logistics agents track the prices manually on the National Central Dispatch Board and provide realistic and affordable rates.

Our auto transport rates are realistic rates that will ship your vehicle in a timely manner. Often, if you are flexible, we can lower the rate. When you are willing to wait for two-three weeks, we can work with lower rates. Otherwise, though, the price reflects shipping within a few days based of course on location and type of vehicle. The idea is that supply/demand situation affects the prices greatly, and that is why our manual rates are more realistic than a rate quote by an online calculator.

Florida – hooray! Get excited about the weather!

You will experience summer temperatures in the 80-90s on a daily basis. But you will also enjoy New Year’s Eve in shorts and T-shirt. If you are moving to Florida just for the heat and the sun, you might as well think twice. Sunny as we know it, Florida is also the capital of lightnings and storms. The state is also famous for the hurricanes. The areas most likely to endure a hurricane are the southern tip, the east coast and the gulf coast along the panhandle. Not to make it too traumatic, but let’s not forget humidity as well.

Meet the Floridians

South Florida experienced harsher climate change and sea-level issues than the north part of the states. The unfair advantage of the north makes it hard for the whole state to get support. This is why the mayor of Miami proposed a resolution to split the state in two. Might sound crazy to some, but it is true.

People who have visited Florida confirm that there are differences in the atmosphere in the two regions, too. Usually, the panhandle is considered socially conservative and more economically disadvantaged. The northwest Florida’s economy depends primarily on military bases, beach tourism, agriculture and fishing. By contrast, central and southern Florida has theme parks, NASA and a very strong defense contracting industry. Naturally, this defines the diversity in people. Their mentality and attitude towards life is rather different, so make sure you do your research in advance. Visit the two Floridas, meet locals before you settle.

Moving to the Sunshine State

Despite the hurricanes and high humidity weather, the population of Florida continues to grow. With almost 21 million inhabitants, the state is currently the third most populous. Compared to New York’s humid continental climate with freezing winters, Florida’s climate is mostly subtropical. Most parts of the state have a mild weather during the winter, and its summers are usually hot and humid.

Housing and Living Costs

They say South Florida and North Florida differ so much, be it in climate, culture, nightlife, atmosphere, it feels like they are not part of the same state. That is why you should do your research first and pick one side before deciding on buying a propery.

These cities are among the most popular ones: Pensacola with Median Home Price (MHP) – $136,300, Jacksonville (MHP – $154,700), Tallahassee (MHP-$168,800), Orlando (MHP – $171,000), Clearwater (MHP – $208,400), St. Petersburg (MHP – $185,000), Tampa (MHP – $187,400), Fort Myers (MHP – $204,100), Sarasota (MHP – $272,800), Fort Lauderdale (MHP – $289,300), and last but not least, Miami with MHP – $303,000.

Economy and Employment

According to a report by the Bureau of Economic Analysis on March 22, 2018, Florida had a GDP of $967.3 billion in 2017, ranking in the fourth position in the US. The state’s economy is mainly fueled by trade, financial services, manufacturing, construction, and transportation services. Its tourism keeps thriving and contributing to the economy and is also mixing Florida’s culture even more.

Job opportunities in the Sunshine State are also abundant with open job positions in various industries. If you are moving from Boston without a job and are going to look for one once you settle in, we would recommend you to look at Indeed jobs and Monster jobs as a start. In 2011, the state was named the third best state for business in the US. So if you plan to open your own business and be your own boss, Florida is one of the ideal states to do so.

Things to Do in Florida

Life in Florida is so much more than just living by the beach and practicing your swimming and surfing skills. Even though the state has the lowest high points in the US, it still offers great hiking opportunities, and other outdoor activities such as fishing, kayaking, paddle boarding, bicycling, and many more.

As a golf state, it offers golf lovers the terrain they need to practice their favorite sport as well. Universal Orlando, Florida Keys, South Beach, Magic Kingdom, Everglades National Park, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios are just a few things you need to add and hopefully cross off your bucket list as soon as you possibly can.

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