Car Transport from Minnesota to Florida

Car Transport from Minnesota to Florida Guide

shipping a car from Minnesota

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Minnesota is one of those states many people would never imagine living in only due to the bitter winters. However, surprisingly to many the population of Minnesota has been growing steadily over the last decade. The state is actually a favorite for outdoor lovers and the Twin Cities are famous for their culture rich atmosphere. Some say that cold weather is a small price to pay for the relatively low unemployment Minnesotans enjoy, as well as efficient health care system and good schools. In response to the “cold weather” argument others say that “staying warm in the winter is a shared struggle that has a way of bringing us together.” Whether you agree with that or not is something we can certainly discuss.


Here is what Barbara Olson has said about Minnesota, we simply had to share:

“Why I Love Minnesota …

It’s winter in Minnesota
And the gentle breezes blow,
70 miles per hour at 52 below!
Oh, how I love Minnesota
When the snow’s up to your butt.
You take a breath of winter air
And your nose is frozen shut.
Yes, the weather here is wonderful,
I guess I’ll hang around.
I could never leave Minnesota,
‘Cause I’m frozen to the ground.”


Car Transport from Minnesota to Florida

If you are not sure whther you want to call Minnesota home, it is a good idea to visit first. The fact that the state’s winters are brutal is undeniable. And we know that simply by a large number of people shipping their cars from Minnesota to Florida when cold season starts approaching. Every winter, thousands of snowbirds move to Florida to escape the below zero temperatures. Whether for a month or an entire winter season, snowbirds moving to Florida also choose to ship their cars to the Sunshine State.


For a smooth car shipping experience from Minnesota to Florida, take some time to understand the basics of auto transport.

  • How to choose an auto transport company?
  • How much does it cost to ship a car from Minnesota to Florida?
  • Why should I hire Corsia Logistics to ship my car?
  • What are the steps to ship my car from Minnesota to Florida?


How to choose an auto transport company?

Not all auto transport companies are created equal. Some are more reputable than others and it’s not uncommon to fall victim to a car shipping scam. Hence, it’s important you choose carefully.

You can start your search by asking around for first hand-recommendations. If that doesn’t yield any results, turn to Google for help. Typing “shipping a car from Minnesota to Florida” will return plenty of hits. Probably even more than you have hoped for. There is no company that’s absolutely the best, so you don’t need to drive yourself crazy looking for The One. Still, there are a few things you should know to make a good choice.

In your search for an auto shipper you will come across the following entities: carriers, brokers, auction websites and car shipping lead generator websites. We recommend you stay away from the last two.

Auction websites foster underbidding wars between auto transport companies, driving vehicle shipping prices down to unrealistically low rates. Booking at a “too-good-to-be-true” price means you’ll have to wait weeks for a carrier to pick up your vehicle.

Lead provider websites make you believe they are either brokers or carriers, when in reality they are none. These companies collect your information only to sell it to brokers and carriers. It means you, the customer, end up with an unnecessary double brokerage that affects your shipping price.

Whether you choose to work with a broker or a carrier, make sure you select a reputable company.

  • Consult the FMCSA for company’s licensing and background info and safety record.
  • Read auto transport customer reviews, but take them with a pinch of salt.
  • Browse the shipper’s website to learn about their process.
  • And of course, pick up the phone and call, speak with a company’s representative, ask questions.

Trust your hunches. The good companies will be transparent about their process, they understand that trust is vital in growing new relationships and ensuring they last. Ask your questions and make sure you feel at ese with the company agent.


How much does it cost to ship a car from Minnesota to Florida?

In the auto transport industry, the price is a decisive factor, but not only for the customer – for the carrier as well. In the US, about 90 percent of the carriers are owner-operators, and a fair only market price paid to the truc driver decides whether your vehicle will be shipped in a timely manner.

Most customers seek the lowest possible rate, but a really low rate often means delays. When it comes to shipping a car a customer completes with other customers for a spot on the carrier, which means that better paying vehicles will ship first. If you are not willing to pay the current market price you will have to wait longer because truckers will always choose the better paying vehicles first.

Thus if somebody offers you a really low rate be alert because it means longer wait and often unprofessional service. When you book at a low rate you can actually end up paying a premium because after waiting for a week no carrier is willing to pick up your vehicle and the broker you booked with will have to ask for more money.

The main factors that affect the car shipping price are: vehicle make, model and modifications; operability, type of service you select (open or enclosed car carrier), pick up/drop off locations and distance between destinations; seasonality or supply and demand situation.

When shipping a vehicle to one of the Sun Belt states, including Florida, it’s important to keep in mind the snowbirds season. The time is every fall and spring. In the fall, thousands of people from across the country, move to Florida to escape the cold winters. It creates a high demand on many routes to Florida, which increases the rates. In order to move your vehicle in a timely manner, you need to receive an accurate quote.

Request at least three car shipping quotes to get the ballpark figure for the cost of auto transport. Rates will vary between the companies, that’s why it’s important to get an idea of an average cost to ship a vehicle. Keep in mind that large companies charge more money for the same service smaller companies can offer. Auto transport is not a cheap service in general, yet there is no need to pay more.


Why should I hire Corsia Logistics to ship my car?

Car transport from Minnesota to Florida is easy and affordable with Corsia Logistics. We offer personalized solutions and the most affordable prices possible to every customer. Corsia Logistics team has near a decade of experience in the industry and we know what our customers need. Our agents manually track daily rate fluctuations on national dispatch boards to provide you with the most accurate prices that reflect the most current market conditions.

Affordable to the customer and acceptable by the carrier – we call our rates the AA rates. In order for us to provide a professional and timely service, we have to offer a fair price to both the carrier and customer. We are always honest with you and take time to explain how the auto transport functions and what a realistic price is. This is how we have earned the trust of thousands of returning customers, as well as many business partners that work with us today. Check what our customers say about us online – Corsia Logistics reviews.


What are the steps to ship my car from Minnesota to Florida?

In a few simple steps, here’s how auto transport from Minnesota to Florida works with Corsia Logistics:

1. Request a quote online or by phone. We will ask you to share details about your vehicle such as make, model, modifications, operability, as well as exact pick-up and drop off locations and your first available date. You will need to select between open and enclosed auto transport.

2. Once we agree on all the details, we will contact our carriers and schedule your shipment.
When we assign a carrier you will receive an e-mail with dispatch notification confirmation with an estimated pick-up date and a trucker’s phone number.

3. Usually, the carrier picks up your vehicle one to five business days from your first available date.

Note: An exact pick-up date is not guaranteed. Auto transport carriers do require a window of 1 to five days to pick-up a vehicle. In the auto transport industry, there are many factors that can delay trucks on the road, such as late customers, traffic, bad weather and sometimes truck failures. Cars are transported with big trucks that haul anywhere from seven to ten vehicles, and they all go to different customers which means that the carrier makes multiple stops, in different locations, to drop-off and pick up vehicles.

4. Make sure your car is ready for shipping. Give it a good wash and make sure there are no leaks or mechanical issues. Don’t forget to let us know if there are any peculiarities with the car that can interfere with safe loading, unloading, and transport of your vehicle.

5. At pick-up, before loading your car, the driver completes an inspection report. We encourage you to take detailed photos of your car before loading. In a very unlikely case of damages, they serve as proof of your vehicle’s pre-loading condition.

6. Car transport from Minnesota to Florida takes about 5 to 7days, although not guaranteed as unexpected delays might happen during transit. If you need an expedited or exact date delivery, get in touch with us for a custom quote.

7. At delivery, the carrier inspects the vehicle again and unloads it as close to your door as possible. Confirm that your vehicle has arrived intact, sign the Bill of Lading and pay any remaining balance. In case of damage, make sure it’s all noted on the Bill of Lading, so you can start the claims process.

Request an auto transport quote online now or call (818) 850-5258. We are here to answer all of your Minnesota to Florida car shipping questions and work with you to provide the best auto transport solution for your vehicle. If you also need to ship your motorcycle or boat, we can easily arrange transport for both. For more information please visit our Questions section or chat with us. Thank you.