Shipping a Car from Boston to Miami

August 18, 2017
Vasi Atanasova

Moving from Boston to Miami could be a big change of scenery. The stark difference between the two states and cities is what attracts most people. While Boston can be thought of as cold and uptight, Miami is downright hot and casual. Is this what motivates many to move to Florida? Since 2014 Florida has been seeing a steady increase in the intake of people. Thousands of people from across the country choose to move to Florida for various reasons.


If you ask retirees, they move because of the year around warm weather and relatively less expensive properties. In fact, retirees, also called snowbirds, flock to Florida in the thousands every winter. And many choose to stay and make it a permanent home. We speak from experience since shipping cars from Massachusetts to Florida is what we do year around.


Thousands of young people also choose Florida, in particular Miami, to make their new home. Florida is a good place to start a business as well as start a carrier. The state economy has been slowly improving and attracting people from across the country. If Florida sounds like a nice place to call home, we encourage you to research career or business opportunities and really consider Florida.


For those living in Boston, Florida, and more specifically Miami, may sound like a drastic move. But if you are tired of the cold ad snowy winters, the sunshine state will be a welcomed change. If you already have a career in mind, or in motion, then you know you can find a job. Once you have decided on moving from Boston to Miami, organizing the relocation comes next. How do you move a car alongside your household? You will find all about it here in our guide. We will answer the most common car questions about shipping a car from Boston to Miami.


Shipping a car from Boston to Miami Guide

  1. What options do I have when shipping a car?
  2. How much does it cost shipping a car?
  3. What type of transport carrier can I choose from?
  4. How do I choose a car transport company?


Shipping a car from Boston to Miami options

In general, you have to main option when it comes to shipping a vehicle. One is the book a drive-away service and the other to hire a full service auto transport company. A drive-away company will have someone else drive your vehicle to your destination. This means extra miles on your vehicle. What we say to our customers is to better save them for their next road trip.


The other alternative is to hire a full service auto transport company. Do not think it is too expensive. You know the saying, “You get what you paid for.” Are you really chasing after the cheapest price? Or you are looking to get the best service for your money? To help you decide we will look into the factors that affect car shipping cost.


This is how car shipping from Massachusetts to Florida works:

  1. Request a car shipping quote online or by phone.
  2. Tell us about your car – make/model, modification, vehicle condition.
  3. We search and contact one of our carriers to schedule your shipment.
  4. A carrier picks up your car one to few days from first available date.
  5. The carrier will complete an inspection report before loading the car.
  6. Auto transport Boston to Miami takes about 3 to 5 days.
  7. At delivery, the carrier will inspect the vehicle again, unload at your door.
  8. You inspect alongside the carrier, sign and pay any remaining balance.

How much does it cost when shipping a car?

Several factors affect the price of shipping a vehicle. They all play an important role when it comes to price quoting. In logistics pricing is a variable that changes sometimes hourly. It is very much affected by the supply and demand situation.

Major factors that affect the auto transport prices:

  • vehicle make and model
  • location and distance
  • vehicle condition – running or not
  • type of auto transport carrier
  • supply and demand


Vehicle make and model

This is the first thing auto transport agents will ask. They need to know the make and model of your car in order to assert dimensions and weight. They will also ask whether you have done any modifications to the vehicle which may contribute to irregular dimensions or additional weight.

Location and distance

Exact location for pick-up and delivery is the next thing they agents ask for. This will determine the exact distance. The location itself is also important because whether your car is in a big city or a small rural town matters for prices. Remote locations usually cost more and a good agent will always suggest a meeting point that will lower your cost and make it more convenient for the driver.

Vehicle condition

The condition of your vehicle also affect how much it will cost to ship it. Automobiles that do not run on their own power cost more to ship because they are inoperable.

Type of carrier

The type of vehicle transport carrier you choose also affects the price to ship a car. Open carrier is the standard method in this industry and such trucks are widely available. This makes them faster to schedule and less expensive. Enclosed are used for more high-end vehicles and cost more.

Supply and demand

Supply and demand fluctuation is very important in logistics. Higher demand usually means higher price because basically a customer competes with other customers for a spot on a car carrier. Vehicles that pay a fair market price that reflects the current demand situation will ship in a timely manner. Those who are willing to wait longer can work with lower budget. When the demand is low customers usually benefit from lower prices. We explain all this to our customers and tell those who want to save money to wait a bit longer for their vehicle to be scheduled.

Corsia Logistics provides our customers with realistic car shipping prices that reflect current supply and demand. Prices that we call the golden mean. This is when the price is fair to the car shipping carrier and to the customer as well. To achieve this, we track supply and demand fluctuations manually. We do not use a car shipping price calculator. A calculator automates the process of quoting, however, automated quotes do not reflect current market conditions. Please, feel free to call us with any questions. If you are shipping a non-running vehicle, you will pay more. If you are shipping a motorcycle, an ATV or a boat, or some other non-traditional vehicle we encourage you to call and discuss your shipping options and price.


What type of transport carrier can I choose from?

You can choose between open and enclosed auto transport carrier. Whether you choose one or the other will affect the price. Corsia Logistics offers both open and enclosed service nationwide.

Enclosed auto transport is recommended for sports, luxury and classic automobiles. It offers extra protection from weather and road elements. Better protection means a more expensive service. But we will let you in on a little secret. Sometimes, due to last minute cancellations, or supply/demand fluctuations, you can end up paying the price for open carrier, but get enclosed trailer instead.



Open auto transport is the most popular method of shipping all types of vehicles. You can see open carrier trucks transporting brand new automobiles across the country on daily basis.



How do I choose a car transport company?

Besides the price, what else do you care about when it comes to shipping a car? Of course, the quality of the service and the trustworthiness of the auto transport company. To make your search easier, we will explain the types of companies in the industry.

Broker / Management Companies

Broker companies don’t have their own fleet, but they work with a vast network of carriers. They do all the legwork to find a carrier that fits your auto transport needs. They will make sure the carrier is properly insured, certified with all the necessary equipment for loading vehicles. Experienced brokers will negotiate the price with a carrier on your behalf and make sure it’s acceptable to both you and the carrier.

Auto Transport Carriers Companies

Most carriers single owner operators, or as we like to call them mom and pops businesses. They transport your vehicle and rather be on the road making money, instead of searching for loads and negotiating prices. The system of brokers and carrier makes auto transport efficient and competitive. Both carriers and brokers work hard to build good business relationships with each other in order to serve customers and make a living.

To learn more you can refer to our post on Auto Transport Broker vs Carrier Facts.

Lead provider websites

In your search for auto transport companies, you will encounter one more player in the industry – lead provider websites. Their websites are quite misleading making customers believe they are either a carrier or a broker. A lead provider collects your information and then sells it to various companies. Therefore, whenever you see a promise of multiple car shipping quotes from one single company keep I mind that you’ll be contacted by multiple companies in matter of hours.


Piece of Advice for Peace of Mind

Driving from Boston to Miami means embarking on a long distance trip that will take at least a couple of days. Driving could be quite stressful and exhausting in general, even more if you don’t have the skills and the desire. Shipping a car from Boston to Florida could cost anywhere from $750 to over $1000 depending on all the factors we discussed above. We can help you have peace of mind. Our transport carriers run to Florida every week.

When you contact our team we will answer all of your auto transport questions and walk you through each step of the shipping process. If you have recently purchased a vehicle or a motorcycle online, from eBay or from a dealer in Florida, we can help you transport it safely. Corsia Logistics is a reliable auto transport company, check our reviews online and call with questions.







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