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Shipping a custom vehicle

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Shipping a custom vehicle

Shipping a custom vehicle

The auto transport industry is small in comparison to other sectors of logistics, but it is still a vital element in the American economy. Thousands of vehicles get transport each month – from standard sedans and SUVs to military, sports, classic, and custom vehicles.

If you are one of those car enthusiasts, you have probably come across many car shipping companies. If you are dealing with a variety of automobiles it is important to understand the different types of auto transport services.

What do you think is the most important method of shipping a customized vehicle? If you ask an auto transport expert they may say it depends.

What are the specifics of shipping a custom vehicle?

Transporting a customized vehicle could be a bit trickier. You need to tell the car hauling company all the details about your car. If the vehicle has been modified, it will most likely affect the car shipping rate and maybe the time for transport.

Any improvements and extras like lowered clearance, spoilers, new fancy rims, or new paint could call for specialized auto transport service. In most cases, when shipping a custom car (any restored, classic automobile for example), we recommend enclosed vehicle transport.

Protect your custom vehicle by choosing the right auto transport service

single car carrier shipping a custom car

A custom vehicle is a valuable asset for its owner. Preservation of classic or custom built automobiles is priority number one for their owners. We know that and that’s why we always suggest fully covered transport or single-vehicle trailer. The enclosed trailer protects the vehicle from outside elements like dust, rain, and possible rock chips.

If you have new paint or rims you want to protect them

When shipping a custom vehicle, make sure you answer all questions the broker or the carrier asks you prior to scheduling the shipping. This will help them offer you the best customized solution.

Our team is well versed in answering all customer questions as well as asking questions in order to determine the service that best fits your needs. You can always request a quote online or call to discuss your vehicle and budget. Thank you!

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