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How to ship an off-road vehicle?

How to ship an off-road vehicle?

Nothing compares to driving an off-road vehicle. It is a challenge unlike any other, and the thrill you get from overcoming it is indescribable. Racers may feel attached to their vehicles, but off-roaders – they are one with the beast.

However, there is a bit of a drawback. You always want the next adventure, new terrain to face, or maybe even to be a part of an organized off-road event. The problem comes with getting to these places. That is because most roads are not… well, off-road. So, your monster of a vehicle is not exactly suited for them. But is there something you can do about that? Actually, yes!

Should you drive or ship an off-road vehicle?

When you have to get to an off-road trail you have two choices – either drive the vehicle there or get it shipped. Before we look at the latter option, let’s see why the former is not ideal.

Firstly, off-road vehicles are not exactly fuel-efficient. They need power and torque, so you cannot really save up on gas with them. But that is not generally a problem, because you are not driving thousands of miles on an off-road trail. Yet, getting to that trail… it may often be thousands of miles. Or hundreds, at the very least. That really cranks up the cost of the trip.

Secondly, driving for such a long time takes a toll on the engine. This is even worse because you do not want to resort to engine repairs mid-trip. There are other minor inconveniences as well, like shortening the life of your motor oil, wearing out the tires and so on.

These two reasons should be enough to make you reconsider driving your off-road car to a faraway location. Sadly, there is one more issue. Not only do you have to set aside some time for the off-road trail, but you also have to factor in the time necessary to get there. That may often be a 2- or 3-day trip instead of a 2-hour flight. Things are not looking ideal, are they?

What are the benefits of car shipping?

Obviously, driving your off-road vehicle over long distances is quite the bother. Do not worry though – that is why auto transport exists! With it, you can completely forget about the problems outlined above.

When you draw the line, car shipping always comes off as the best solution. With it, there is no wear and tear on your vehicle, you do not end up wasting your time and you may even save on the overall cost of the trip.

Another great thing about auto transport is that all its benefits apply to most shipping scenarios altogether. You get the same advantages when you just want to ship your car when moving, or when buying a car out of state.

What are the specifics of transporting an off-road vehicle?

Okay, now you see why car shipping is great. But you likely have some other questions as well. How much does the service cost? How is the vehicle transported exactly? What if it is too big? Let’s tackle them!

Here at Corsia Logistics, we believe in giving you a price that is specifically tailored to your needs. That means that we do not have flat fees, which are designed to overcharge you. There is no tricky small print to take you by surprise either, we are completely transparent!

That being said, it is impossible to give you a single price for transporting your off-road vehicle. There are too many factors that play a role in the cost to ship a car. For example, vehicle size and weight, as well as modifications are major considerations. In most cases, modifications actually change the weight and size of the vehicle. Hence, to make sure you get the most accurate price, we have chosen to offer our potential customers free, no-obligation car shipping quotes. That way you will know how much you will have to pay for your exact case, without the need to guess.

The transportation itself is usually done via an open car carrier, with the off-road vehicle sitting on the top deck. That takes care of problems with height clearance, which may often be present with these vehicle types. In some special cases, your car can be transported on a one- or two-car flatbed.

Corsia Logistics vehicle relocation experts manually track daily market fluctuation, so you receive a five-star-service at an optimum price. Request your personalized quote online or call our team now.

Shipping an off-road vehicle

Should off-roading become your hobby?

If you are still on the fence about whether or not you should pick up off-roading as a hobby, maybe I can help you! There are a few things that you need to consider. After that, you will know whether or not that type of fun is made for you.

For starters, off-roading is all about the challenge. If you cannot handle tough situations or you stress too easily, this may not be for you. Or alternatively, you may try it as a way to overcome your fears. But definitely, do that by being a passenger for the first few times!

Another major point is the price. It is not exactly a cheap hobby. You will have to invest in a good vehicle, and then you have to keep it in top condition. You do not want it to give up on you in a rough spot. If you are wondering what ride you need to buy, we have an excellent article on the best off-road vehicles that you can buy.

A bonus piece of advice I can give you is to look online for the best deals. While off-roading requires some money, that does not mean you cannot be smart about it. Buying a car out of state may be the right fit for you, and as I have already said we can ship it to you without a problem!

Is off-road driving hard?

A lot of people who consider picking up off-roading are often held back by the notion that it is too hard. Is this true though? It really depends.

There are generally two ways to approach the activity – as a pure challenge or as an overall experience. If you are in for the first thing, then yes, off-roading is going to be hard for you. But is that not the point? The steep learning curve may actually be one of the hurdles that you will enjoy overcoming.

If you just want to go off-roading for the experience, there are ways to make it easier. For example, you can decide to only go for easier trails. Maybe something more scenic than challenging. That actually makes for a good family activity. It gets the children entertained without being too frightening. Plus the range of vehicles that can handle leisure off-roading is much broader.

With all that in mind, you have to know that a huge factor in serious off-roading is driving stick. We have a whole piece dedicated to manual vs automatic transmissions for off-road driving. There is a lot of detail in it if you want to dive deep. For now, you only need to know that if you want to be serious about this hobby, you better learn how to drive manual.

The great news is that all of our carrier drivers can operate manual transmissions. So if you have such a vehicle (or plan on buying one), transporting it will not be a hassle for us.

Any last doubts?

Even if you are not sure about it, you should give off-roading a chance. There are many ways to experience it without going all-in by purchasing a vehicle. For example, there are off-road drivers who can take you for a ride along rough terrain. Actually, there are some pickup trucks that can carry 6 people up steep trails. It is definitely a fun time and quite thrilling at that.

What do you say, are you ready to pick up the hobby? Maybe you already have and now want to go to a major event? We from Corsia Logistics are always here to help you with car shipping!

Feel free to drop us a line via our online chat or call us at (818) 850-5258. Our logistics experts will be happy to answer any questions you may have and provide you with a free, no-obligation car shipping quote. We look forward to serving your auto shipping needs. Thank you!

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