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Shipping a Rivian

Shipping a Rivian

Shipping a Rivian

Shipping an electric vehicle like Rivian requires several considerations. Here we will share some key aspects to keep in mind when you need to ship such a vehicle.

Preparation for shipping a Rivian

Before booking your car shipping, it is important to prepare the vehicle for transport. This usually includes cleaning the car, removing personal belongings, and ensuring the battery is adequately charged. The last bit is very important for an electric vehicle. When shipping a car across the country the battery has to be fully charged in order to hold power until delivery.

Choosing Car Transportation Mode

Electric vehicles can be transported via different modes, such as road transport, rail, or even by sea for international shipments. The specific mode depends on the distance, destination, and available options. When shipping a car within continental US, the usual choice lies between open and enclosed car transport carrier.

Enclosed Auto Transport

It is recommended to transport electric vehicles in enclosed car carriers or containers to protect them from potential damage during transit. Enclosed auto transport provides better protection against weather conditions, road debris, and other external elements. Many enclosed trailers also come with electric lift gates which ensures safe loading and unloading.

Battery Considerations

Electric vehicles come with high-capacity lithium-ion batteries. When shipping, it is essential to comply with relevant regulations concerning battery transportation. These regulations may vary based on the country or region. It is advisable to consult with the car shipping company on all regulation to ensure compliance. This is especially relevant when it comes to international car shipping.

Preparing Paperwork

Proper documentation is crucial for shipping any vehicle, including electric cars. This typically includes to have on hand the vehicle’s title, registration, insurance, and any necessary customs forms for international shipments. Be sure to gather all the required paperwork beforehand to facilitate a smooth shipping process. The car shipping company will inform you of what is necessary.

Shipping Insurance

It’s important to ensure that the vehicle is adequately insured during transit. Confirm with the shipping company or your insurance provider to understand the coverage and requirements for shipping an electric vehicle. In auto transport every carrier is required by law to provide cargo insurance. Thus, every vehicle is insured while on the car carrier, or marine vessel. For some vehicle extra insurance is desirable. This means the carrier has to be chosen based on his insurance coverage. In most cases enclosed carriers provide higher coverage because they deal with high-end automobiles.

Charging and Range Considerations

When shipping an electric vehicle, it is good to research the charging infrastructure available at the destination. It is useful to research and plan for charging options to ensure the vehicle can be charged upon arrival, especially when shipping cross country.

Customs and Import/Export Regulations

For international shipments, you have to be aware of the customs and import/export regulations and requirements of the destination country. This includes understanding any specific requirements or restrictions related to electric vehicles. In recent months many shipping companies have restricted certain vehicle to be shipped internationally as they present hazard to the marine vessel. We will be able to confirm the makes and modes vehicles that are being restricted.

To ship an electric vehicle like a Rivian, it is recommended to work with reputable shipping companies experienced in handling specialized vehicles such an electric pick-up. They can guide you through the process, ensure compliance with regulations, and provide a smooth shipping experience for your vehicle.

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