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How to ship BMW i Series

How to ship BMW i Series

When luxury, sustainability and speed come together, you get the BMW i-Series! This group of vehicles delivers a high performance experience with concern for the environment!

This series is perhaps BMW’s most innovative vehicles currently on the market. Do you already own one? Or perhaps you want to buy one and experience the thrill? Awesome! However, when it comes to transporting them, there are some thing you need to know. Get started with this guide!

How to ship a BMW i-Series?

If you are an owner of an i-series model, you know how much it costs. Not only its financial cost but the emotional value attached to it. This is why your sports car requires extra care during transport.

You need a reputable auto transporter that knows how to handle high-end vehicles. Luxury vehicles like these always require white glove services – from the moment you request a quote to the day of delivery and even afterward.

Your BMW deserves the same amount of care and attention in transporting as it received in its production. This is why you need to choose a carrier with know-how and references to prove it.

How to choose a car shipping company for BMW?

In order to get great car shipping services you should follow the best practices here:

  • Learn more about the companies you are researching

Gather all the information you can about your potential auto transport company – name, address, phone numbers, USDOT license information, and insurance policy. Consult the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and see if the car shipper’s license is active. For example, here at Corsia Logistics we always make sure to keep our licenses in check.

  • Always look at the company’s expertise

Does the company have any recorded cases of shipping a car similar to yours? Corsia Logistics has extensive experience in transporting luxury and sports cars. We recently shipped an Audi across the country, numerous Porsche models, a Ferrari, and even a Lamborghini. You can do a quick search in our website to learn more about those. We had an opportunity to ship a BMW i8 series, too (image below).

Shipping a BMW i Series

  • Try to find opinions that prove the expertise

Everyone can brag about themselves. Yet, this might not always be a true reflection of reality. You need to look for an outside opinion – for example, past client reviews. Positive reviews will add extra peace of mind that a transporter can handle your i8 or i3. At Corsia, we strive for open and honest communication with our clients and we value their opinions. You can read about our clients’ experience and see their evaluation of our services in their own words.

What is the best car shipping service for BMW i-Series?

When you find the right carrier, have a talk with the representatives. They should give you honest advice on what’s best for your car.

Because of their high value, owners of luxury cars usually go with enclosed auto transport. Such trailers shield cars from potentially damaging weather conditions or road debris. The higher protection naturally comes at a slightly higher cost. Several reasons play into that, but ultimately it all comes down to it being a high-end service in every regard, even insurance.

Another simple reason has to do with the number of enclosed trailers in the country. They are simply fewer of them. Hence, they are mostly used for luxury, sports, and classic cars. This lack of supply leads to a higher cost.

Just like the higher price of the i-series, the higher price of the enclosed auto transport pays off. With open auto transport, you leave your car to the mercy of the elements, road debris and dirt. Enclosed auto transport takes care of that.

enclosed car transport California

What does the car shipping process include?

When you decide on getting an auto transport service, you will want to know more about how to ship BMW i-series. We will be by your side each step of the way. Here is the summary of our process

  1. Get a shipping quote for your i-series BMW online or call (818) 850-5258.
  2. Schedule your shipment – set your first available pick-up date.
  3. Prepare your car for shipping – inside and out.
  4. Perform vehicle inspection at pick-up alongside the carrier.
  5. At delivery, perform inspection again, sign the Bill of Lading, and pay the remaining balance.

Easy, right? It is always a pleasant experience when you have the right partner. So talk to our representatives and get a feel of our company. We are open to sharing all the information you need to feel comfortable with our service.

Ready to start the process? Wait no longer, simply request your free car shipping quote here!

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