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Reliable Car Shipping

Reliable Car Shipping

Close your eyes.

Close your eyes and imagine for a moment that you are going for a walk to the nearby park.

You love taking long strolls in the park on a warm summer afternoon. You are thinking how much you like this park and it makes you sad that this is probably your last stroll because you are moving out of state.

Now your thoughts shift to the upcoming relocation. You are calm that everything has been arranged. You have a new job and a new house in the new city. The old house has been sold and everything packed and ready to go, including your vehicle.

Oh yes, you are taking your Subaru with you because love is what makes a Subaru right! Or simply because you love your automobile and you know you have arranged for a reliable auto transport company to deliver it to your door. Not a thing can ruin this peaceful moment.


Things Happen …

You are still walking and approaching a well familiar bridge. You stop in the middle of the bridge with a weird feeling. And this feeling gives you goose bumps.

In a split second you turn your head left and you see a loaded vehicle transport carrier approaching the bridge. The truck is moving fast and you realize you need to quickly get off the bridge because the truck is about to crash right where you are standing.

Terrified you run for your life, and the moment you reach the end of the bridge you hear a piercing noise.

The truck has smashed onto the bridge.

There was a terrible screeching, the vehicles on the top deck were flattened. The driver had slammed the breaks and the truck spun 180 degrees and almost rolled over. Vehicles were falling down and were tumbling and twisting far away from the truck.

You could not believe your eyes. Thank God there was no oncoming traffic and nobody behind the truck. You saw the truck driver was ok and took a deep breath.

You felt sorry for the lost cars and their owners. Now your very own car came to mind. You have arranged for car relocation service and seeing this now your heart is racing and you feel dizzy.

Now open your eyes and take a deep breath.

Accidents do happen, and quite often they are caused by human error. However, keep in mind that auto transporters are less likely to get into an accident than any other cargo haulers because they are extra careful and well trained on the importance of balanced weight and defensive driving.Also, on the road usually all automobiles are extra careful around a big rig and thus accidents like the one described above are less likely to happen.

Reliable Auto Transport – Corsia Logistics

Corsia Logistics hires only verified high safety car carriers with experience in vehicle hauling. You can check any carriers’ safety ratings on the Motor Carrier Safety Measurement System website.

Most of the carriers we work with are independent owner operators who know how to do their job well because their livelihood depends on that and also because most of them are auto enthusiasts themselves and they respect other people’s cars.

The carriers we work with know how to deliver vehicles safely and surely know the location of all low clearance bridges, or they have good dispatchers to help them.

Remember that this was just a fictional story, you imagined it. Relax and go back to reality.


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