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Moving from New Jersey to Florida

Moving from New Jersey to Florida

The vastness of the US makes for very diverse lifestyles all across the country. For instance, in one state, people are living next to a desert, while in another, they get stuck in snowdrifts. Fortunately, we don’t have to be glued to any extreme!

The transition from New Jersey to Florida is a perfect example of the freedom the United States offers. In fact, some folks go through a move every year. It is almost a natural law – when winter comes, snowbirds go south. Then others simply want to make warm Florida their permanent residence.

Regardless of why you want to move to the Sunshine State, knowing a thing or two about it will help you prepare better. Plus, it is always fun to see how two states within the same country are so different. Join me in exploring the interesting sides of moving from New Jersey to Florida!

How different are New Jersey and Florida?

If you try to look for opinions online, you will see that people get very polarized about both states. However, most folks have only experienced one of the places and can hardly speak authoritatively about the other. This is why we need to assess them realistically!

One of the biggest changes that you will have to face is the city life. It can be very different between the places. Florida cities are simply not as packed, and not nearly so vertical. This is a good thing during the summer when the heat makes tight spaces unbearable. Yet, it also means everything is less organized, with not so much structure to it.

Depending on your situation, though, other factors may be much more important to you. To get things into perspective, you can check out our quick comparison below.

  • Weather is one of the biggest differences due to geography. People have their own preferences in that regard. If you don’t mind hot, humid summers, the climate of Florida is great. It hardly has any winter, though, which is why snowbirds prefer it. Many folks also don’t like how cold New Jersey gets. That being said, summers are very humid in both states, even if it lasts longer in Florida.
  • Lifestyle. New Jersey can be hectic, and many people find living there stressful. On the other hand, Florida is regarded as very laidback, even downright slow.
  • Nature. Florida is more diverse in that aspect. Its sheer size gives you plenty of opportunities to experience the magnificence of Mother Nature. Then again, the variety of bugs found there annoys a lot of people. Still, others say you quickly get used to it.
  • Cost of living. One of the biggest differences is how much you will be paying just to get by. Groceries, housing, and childcare, for instance, are often much cheaper in Florida.
  • Transportation. New Jersey, as well as New York, are well known for having well-developed public transportation. Florida lags in that regard, though people don’t mind it all that much.

Of course, this is more of a bird’s eye view. The city where you will be moving may have it a bit differently. For example, in-land Florida can have a different feel both in weather and in culture. And if you are interested in the coastal areas, you can check our moving to Miami guide for more details on it specifically!

moving from New Jersey to Florida
On Florida beaches, you can find a quiet getaway from your hectic life in New Jersey

Things to do before you leave New Jersey

Now that you have a general idea about the differences between the states, you are better prepared to move to Florida. Nevertheless, while you are still in New Jersey, you should check some fun stuff off your list if you haven’t done so already!

It is amazing how many people do not go sightseeing in their home state. If you have missed old Victorian Cape May, it can be a fun place to visit. While there, you can see tons of other stuff, too, including the Cape May County Park and Zoo. With its free admission, it would be a waste not to check it out. Did I mention you can see flamingos there?

However, if you prefer natural wonders, you should go to the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area.  You may have an entire retreat there, something like a goodbye trip when leaving New Jersey. Nature lovers will not regret it, as it offers plenty of breathtaking views!

How tough is moving from New Jersey to Florida?

Moving as a process is hardly anyone’s favorite thing. Even if you are changing cities within the same state, the transition can be daunting. This applies doubly so to long-distance moves.

Of course, there are some ways, in which you can make the process a bit easier. For example, instead of driving all the way through the states, you can look for alternatives.

Shipping a car from New Jersey to Florida is a good option that will save you headaches. Moving your household and cars by hiring a logistics company is always the best option.

However, when you put the logistics aspect of the move aside, the rest is a matter of attitude. Sure, there will be a bit of culture and climate adjustment, but that is usually the fun part. Actually, if you approach the move as an adventure, perhaps this is how it will turn out!

Are you looking forward to your Florida move?

The Sunshine State is one of those places that you can easily fall in love with. If you have decided to move there (even if only as a snowbird), perhaps you already feel drawn to it. Not to mention that warmer states always look tempting during the winter!

In any case, the Corsia team is here to help you make the move easy and enjoy your shorty or long stay in Florida. Request a free car shipping quote online or call now. Review our website to find answers to common auto shipping questions. Thank you!

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