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Moving from California to Illinois

Moving from California to Illinois

What would be the biggest challenge when moving from California to Illinois? For some, it is adapting to the culture, while others need to brave the climate. But before you get there, the logistical challenge should not be underestimated either.

Moving from the West Coast to the Midwest has several aspects. On the one hand, there is the long term. On the other hand, you have to consider the here-and-now with stuff like shipping a car from California to Illinois. In this post, we will cover both of these, so you know more about the move between the two states!

Which state is better overall, Illinois or California?

Let’s be honest, this has probably gone through your mind a couple of times already. You weigh the pros and cons of each, trying to decide whether the move is worth it. Or you have already decided, but you are looking for that final drop to solidify your decision. But maybe… there is a different way to look at the question!

Instead of considering which state is better, think of them as each being its own thing. If you know California well, you probably dislike it when people give general statements about the place. After all, it can be very different throughout the state. The same applies to Illinois.

If you want to live in Chicago, that city has an amazing culture. In fact, it comes pretty close to Los Angeles in many aspects. Then again, if you prefer the countryside, Illinois leans towards the boring side.

What is it like to live in Illinois?

Quite a few people actually find a lot of similarities between the two states. Minus the snow, of course. For most folks adjusting to the Prairie State does not take that long. Plus, the lifestyle creep and cost of living in Illinois remain relatively low, compared to how California is doing.

In that sense, you can enjoy more for less in Illinois, provided you have a similar income. Which may not be all that unrealistic, depending on the industry you are in.

How much do I need to earn to live in Chicago?

Lifestyles vary greatly, so we cannot give you a clear-cut answer. If you are single, live frugally, and only splurge from time to time, a $40k salary would cover you. Though with time, you may notice your expenses decreasing. Why would that be? Once you adjust to the place and see most things, you would likely start saving up naturally.

That being said, Chicago strikes a good balance between living costs, opportunities, and things to do. Aside from the weather for some folks, there are not many things you sacrifice by moving there.

moving from California to Illinois Chicago skyline

How much does it cost to move from California to Illinois?

Long-distance moves tend to have relatively high costs. It all depends on how many rooms you will be moving. On average, a single-bedroom apartment would cost you about $3,500 to move, but you can likely get a better deal than that.

Keep in mind that moving may come with additional costs. Do you need professional packing services? They can add another $500 to $1,000 on top of the price. If you learn how to pack and secure things yourself, you may not actually need to spend all that much. In fact, shopping around for bargains on packing materials can bring your costs down tremendously.

Then there is also the option of renting a moving truck yourself, although most people like to avoid that one. Firstly, driving such a long way can stress you out. Secondly, if you factor in all the additional expenses, it may turn out the worse way to go.

To get an accurate price, ask for quotes from several moving companies in your area. That is the only way to have a clear picture of your moving expenses.

How do I ship a car from California to Illinois?

As we have already pointed out, driving all the way across the states may not be the best idea. That would be over 1,700 miles if you are going to Chicago.

The easiest way to go about it is by getting a professional auto transport service. With it, your car will be shipped and you will not have to worry about any road trip logistics. Plus, you won’t be wearing out your car’s engine, transmission, and tires.

Moving companies shipping cars

Do you need a car when you move to Illinois?

Although it is possible to get by without a personal vehicle in Chicago, that would severely limit your housing options. Not to mention that you would be locked in during the weekend, as most trips would require you to have a car. And you definitely need one for any other place within the Prairie State.

If you are ready to move from California to Illinois, you can get a free car shipping quote from us right away. Should you have any questions, just give us a call at (818) 850.5258 or chat with one of our logistics experts online.

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